Thursday, September 26, 2013

[Page 21-22 'spreadsheet']

To explore the prankquean's three visits in parallel, I'm going to interpolate an extra post.

...burnt head high up in his lamphouse
...baretholobruised heels drowned in his cellarmalt
...hurricane hips up to his pantrybox
[burnt head/baretholobruised heels/hurricane hips, high up/drowned/up, lamphouse/cellarmalt/pantrybox]
[top/bottom/middle? fire/fists/storm???]

laying cold hands on himself
shaking warm hands with himself
ruminating in his holdfour stomachs

And his two little jiminies... Tristopher and Hilary
and the jiminy Hilary and the dummy in their first infancy
and the jiminy Toughertrees and the dummy

on the oilcloth flure
were below on the tearsheet
were belove on the watercloth
[oilcloth flure/tearsheet/watercloth: all waterproof?]

cousins of ours... were kickaheeling their dummy
wringing and coughing, like brodar and histher
kissing and spitting, and roguing and poghuing, like knavepaltry and naivebride and in their second infancy

And the prankquean pulled a rosy one and... she lit up and fireland was ablaze.
And the prankquean nipped a paly one and lit up again and redcocks flew flackering from the hillcombs.
And the prankquean picked a blank and lit out and the valleys lay twinkling.
[pulled a rosy one/nipped a paly one/picked a blank]
[Patrick's vision: 1) all Ireland ablaze, 2) mountains on fire, 3) lamps lit in the valleys]

made her wit forenenst the dour... And spoke she to the dour in her petty perusienne:
And she made her witter before the wicked, saying:
And she made her wittest in front of the arkway of trihump, asking:

Mark the Wans, why do I am alook alike a poss of porterpease?
Mark the Twy, why do I am alook alike two poss of porterpease?
Mark the Tris, why do I am alook alike three poss of porterpease?
[FDV: I want a cup of porter/Why do I like a poss porterpease/
I want 2 cupsa porterpeace/Why do I liking 2 poss of porterpeace/
Why am I like 3 cupss porterpease/Why do I like 3 poss porterpease]
[I want/Why am I like/Why do I like/Why do I am alook alike, cup/cupsa/poss, porter/porterpeace/porterpease]

And that was how the skirtmisshes began. But the dour handworded her grace in dootch nossow: Shut!
And: Shut! says the wicked, handwording her madesty.
But that was how the skirtmisshes endupped.

So her grace o'malice kidsnapped up the jiminy Tristopher
So her madesty a'forethought set down a jiminy and took up a jiminy

and into the shandy westerness she rain, rain, rain.
and all the lilipath ways to Woeman's Land she rain, rain, rain.

And Jarl van Hoother warlessed after her with soft dovesgall
And Jarl van Hoother bleethered atter her with a loud finegale
[warlissed/warlessed/bleethered, after/atter, soft/a loud, Finngallese/dovesgall/finegale]
[could 'his Finngallese' pun on 'svengali'?]

Stop deef stop come back to my earin stop.
Stop domb stop come back with my earring stop.

But she swaradid to him: Unlikelihud.
But the prankquean swaradid: Am liking it.

And there was a brannewwail that same sabbaoth night of falling angles somewhere in Erio.
And there was a wild old grannewwail that altarsame laurency night of starshootings somewhere in Erio.

And the prankquean went for her forty years' walk in Tourlemonde
And the prankquean went for her forty years' walk in Turnlemeem

and she washed the blessings of the lovespots off the jiminy with soap sulliver suddles
and she punched the curses of cromcruwell with the nail of a top into the jiminy
[FDV: washed the scabs off/punched holes in him = heal/harm]

and she had her four owlers masters for to tauch him his tickles
and she had her four larksical monitrix to tauch him his tears

and she convorted him to the onesure allgood and he became a luderman
and she provorted him to the onecertain allsecure and he became a tristian
[convort/provort, sure/certain, good/secure, luderman/tristian]

And, be dermot, who come to the keep of his inn only the niece-of-his-in-law, the prankquean...
So then she started to rain and to rain and, be redtom
So then she started raining, raining, and... be dom ter
[dermot, redtom, dom ter]

she was back again at Jarl van Hoother's in a brace of samers
she was back again at Jarl van Hoother's... in a pair of changers
[brace/pair, same/change]

and the jiminy with her in her pinafrond, lace at night, at another time.
and the Larryhill with her under her abromette.

And where did she come but to the bar of his bristolry.
And why would she halt at all if not by the ward of his mansionhome of another nice lace for the third charm?

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