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Page 30 (I.2)

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With chapter two we begin a short stretch of 'storytelling' (sort of) about an 'individual' (sort of) in 'English' (sort of) tailored towards the mock-heroic (mostly).

FW2 rejects "Iris Trees" in favor of "Iris Frees" which might still refer to this young libertine:
Iris Tree by Modigliani
[Iris frees] could also refer to a scene with Dido in the Aeniad, and/or the flower called freesias... but it's hard to believe Joyce would have left such a conspicuous typo uncorrected.
[♬ Lili O'Rangans] lyrics

Earwicker gravestone [more]

if it's true that "the correct pronunciation of 'Earwicker' is 'Erricker'" we shouldn't rule out that JAJ intended it should be pronounced that way [fweet-13]

[♬ under his... redwood...Chivychas]
[marine hotel... royalty]
[dogfox... cast... ladypack... two... guns... red brother]



FDV: "Concerning the genesis of his agnomen the most authentic version has it that like Cincinnatus he was one day at his plough when royalty was announced on the highroad. Forgetful of all but his fealty he hastened out on to the road holding aloft a long perch atop of which a flowerpot was affixed."

4DV: "Now, concerning the genesis of Harold or Humphrey Chimpden's occupational agnomen and discarding once for all those theories from older sources which would link him back with such pivotal ancestors as the Glues, the Gravys, the Northeasts, the Ankers and the Earwickers of Sidlesham in the hundred of manhood or proclaim him a descendant of vikings who had founded or settled in Herrick or Eric the best authenticated version has it that it was this way. We are told how in the beginning it came to pass that, like cabbaging Cincinnatus, the grand old gardener was saving daylight one sultry sabbath afternoon in prefall paradise peace by following his plough for rootles in the rere garden of ye olde marine hotel when royalty was announced by runner to have been pleased to have halted itself on the highroad along which a leisureloving dogfox had cast followed, also at walking pace, by a lady pack of cocker spaniels. Forgetful of all save his vassal's plain fealty to the ethnarch Humphrey or Harold stayed not to yoke or saddle but stumbled out hotface as he was (his sweatful bandanna loose from his pocketcoat) hasting to the forecourts of his public in topee, surcingle, plus fours and bulldog boots ruddled with red marl, jingling his turnpike keys and bearing aloft amid the fixed pikes of the hunting party a high perch atop of which a flowerpot was fixed earthside up with care."

mysteries: enos chalked halltraps


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Page 29

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litting flop a deadlop/ lifting a benbranch (stone/tree)
aloose!/ ivoeh! (alas/[joy])
to lea/ on the breezy side (leeward/windward)

"lordmajor... benbranch... yardalong... ivoeh... Brewster's" = brewer and lord-mayor Ben Guinness and his sons Baron Ardilaun and the (also successful brewer) Earl of Iveagh (a 3rd son was also named Ben) [wiki] The Jameson Whiskey Distillery built a 185 foot chimney in 1895.

FDV: "showlders like" → "share of the showthers is senken on him"
(dropping the preposition 'like' must be an idiom, but it's almost unfair! "is" also unfairly/idiomatically abbreviates 'that are': shoulders that are sinking on him like.)

the newly arrived successor's family duplicates Finnegan's?
(and he's already old??)

a very weird cluster of bugs, VD and Smollett

FDV: did what you know/did not what you know
→ everseen doing/neverdone seeing
your fourfootlers saw/you coolpigeons know

"fairyhees and... frailyshees" ?= 3 clinkers = 2 bugs + 1 pucelle

to the zephiroth/round her heavens
FW2's "Eseb fibble" is probably 'Aesop's Fables' with Joyce's anti-ae extremism. ('Esop' looks bizarre nowadays, but before 1925 it was preferred!)

[sober serious]

FDV: "And be the hooky salmon there's a big lad now, I am told, like a lord mayor (on show), the height of a brewer's chimpney, humphing his showlders like he's such a grandfallar with a pockedwife and three sly little clinkers, two twin bugs and one pucell, and either he did what you know or he did not what you know and that'll do now but however that may be 'tis sure for one thing that he came to this place some time on another in a hull of a wherry and has been repeating himself like fish ever since an that he was of humile commune & ensectuous nature, as his you may guess from his byname, & that he is he & no other he who is primarily responsible for the high cost of everything."

mysteries: buaboabaybohm

(Healy muffs 'buaboabaybohm': BWAH-bo-a-BAY-bome)

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Page 28

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Finnegan is reassured that his widow's resumed her accustomed patterns.

The words longa, blong, and bymby are pidgin English, and seem to crop up randomly (ha!). The pidgin-speaker may simply be saying the widow is eating well???

A cat keeps the widow company while she sews. The cat lures birds via the chimey/flue, and eats them?

"to explain the meaning": ALP is inarticulate compared to HCE? and that's partly why she fell for him. "Findrinny Fair" is likely a pun on the name of some real fair, still unidentified. [♬ the last post] is a bugle call like taps. "second a song" probably means she sings backup, or harmony. The concertina might imply she's listening to records, or to a performer, or playing it herself. "pairs passing" sounds sort of like an untraced card game (but both words are so abstract they might mean anything).

FDV: "And it's herself that's fine too, don't be talking, and fond of the concertina of an evening: Her hair's as brown as ever it was. And wivvy and wavy. Repose you now! Finn no more! And be the hooky salmon there's a big lad now,"

Leading in to the last page of chapter one, introducing Finnegan's successor.

mysteries: Shirksends?/Shakeshands, Pollockses


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Page 27

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"doublejoynted janitor" = Janus
"postman's knock" = kissing game
[if the seep were milk you could lieve his olde by his ide] sheetmusic

Kevin/Jerry is one version of the opposite brother-twins, Shaun/Shem. 'Kevin' refers to Ireland's St Kevin, depicted in one of the earliest FW vignettes. It's puzzling that he plays a kissing game (he's usually virginal) and writes on walls (Shem's the writer).

We get an unusually distinct depiction of the two Issies, "Hetty Jane" (ivy, chaste, white/gold) and "Essie Shanahan" (holly, naughty, red, 17 cites).

[You remember... Our... Were I a clerk] ♬ midi
[♬ whirligigmagees]
[Dimitrius O'Flagonan... Clancartys]

FDV: "Hetty Jane's a child of Mary. And Essie Shanahan has let down her skirts. 'Twould delight your heart to see. Aisy now, you decent man, and lie quiet and repose your honour's lordship! I've an eye on queer Behan and Old Kate and the milk, trust me. And we put on your clock again, sir, for you."

mysteries: Glassarse


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Page 26

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[Leatherbags] (sheet music only)
[♬ shuffle and cut]

"journeyall Buggaloffs" is 'General Bobrikoff' who gets 37 mentions total in the guise of an anecdote of Joyce's father's about Buckley and the Russian general: "Buckley was an Irish soldier in the Crimean War who drew a bead on a Russian general, but when he observed his splendid epaulettes and decorations, he could not bring himself to shoot. After a moment, alive to his duty, he raised his rifle again, but just then the general let down his pants to defecate. The sight of his enemy in so helpless and human a plight was too much for Buckley, who again lowered his gun. But when the general prepared to finish the operation with a piece of grassy turf, Buckley lost all respect for him and fired." [more]

[♬ as your hair grows wheater] (sheet music, by author of "While London's Fast Asleep" (p12) and "Bicycle Built for Two")
[ashore as you were born... shuck tick... texas... tow linen... loamsome... roam to Laffayette... Drop in your tracks... abram... horn for breakfast] Huck Finn
[♬ loamsome roam] wiki

Budge: "Get thee back, thou abomination of Osiris... I know thee, I know thee, I know thee, I know thee... Thou shalt not come to me, O thou that comest without being invoked, and whose [time of coming] is unknown"

[Belly... members... Diet] Aesop

"Jacob's lettercrackers and Dr Tipple's ViCocoa and the Eswaurds' desippated soup beside Mother Seagull's Syrup"

FDV: "Everything's going on the same. Coal's short but we've plenty of bog in the yard. And barley's up again. The boys is attending school regular, sir."

8thC Church of the Three Sons of Nessan

mysteries: your archgoose of geese stubbled for All Angels' Day


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Page 25

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Joyce took 100+ allusions to Ancient Egyptian funeral practices from Budge's Book of the Dead. (Like the stuff from Islam and Buddhism, they seem like afterthoughts.)

"honey is the holiest... wax" [Swift on Aesop on spiders' poison vs bees' 'sweetness and light']
[♬ calumny... spreads]
[♬ Fintan Lalors]

(is there a monument somewhere discolored by palmsweat?)

"bowed... paddyplanters"; "the millioncandled eye of Tuskar"

FDV: "The menhere's always talking of you. The grand old Gunne, they do be saying, that was a planter for you! He's duddandgunne now but peace to his great limbs with the long rest of him!"

mysteries: pennydirts and dodgemyeyes, Doctor Faherty, gooden, chepped, planter, spicer, duddandgunne


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Page 24

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We switch from 3rd-person 'he' to 2nd-person 'you', and a cluster of allusions to Buddha and Buddha's horse?! (Reincarnating?)

[♬ the foggy dew]

FDV: "He sweated his crowd and urned his dead and made louse for us and begad he did till his earsend to earsend. And would again could whispring grassies wake him. Anam a dhoul! did ye drink me dead? Now be aisy, good Mr Finnimore, sir! And take your laysure and don't be walking abroad, sir."


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