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'Heidelberg Man'


Castle Browne/ Clongowes Wood

[I met you either too late or too soon]

Jim Belcher wearing 'belcher' kerchief

peach bombe recipe

FDV: "The cad thanked him and repeated the words that same evening at his fireside where he was smoking reflectively after having eaten some peas and vinegar a dish he much fancied."

4DV: "The cad, perceiving that he had to do with a plainly postpuberal hyperpituitary type, thanked for the time of day, not a little taken aback all the same that that was all the time it was, and repeated as many of the words as he could call to mind that same evening at his fireside where he spat in museful thought after having eaten very excellent peas boiled with malt vinegar, a plateful he frankly relished in raw weather."

mysteries: "ff, flitmansfluh, and, kk, 't crept i' hedge"; (why is "hearthstone" italicised?); rat wi'fennel


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[Oppositions in FW]

'Every power in nature and in spirit must evolve an opposite as the sole means and condition of its manifestation, and all opposition is a tendency to reunion. This is the universal law of polarity or essential dualism, first promulgated... by Giordano Bruno' --Samuel Taylor Coleridge "The Friend" [092.08]

Fweet indexes 31 pair-motifs, where a mention of either half implies that the other will also be mentioned within a few lines. Some are so abstract they're hard to personify:

time/space [47]
new/same [16]
left/right [34] 'sinister'-Shem
mishe/tauf [003] [31] i am/you are???
ear/eye (including hear/see, deaf/blind) [70]
duck/drake [8] female/male
A/O (mark of opposites, e.g. Alpha/Omega, Ah/Oh, &c.) [113]
red/violet (at the ends of the rainbow; including infrared/ultraviolet) [9]
L/R (consonant split in Celtic languages; Chinese pronunciation) [45]
P/K (consonant split in Celtic languages) [40]
P/Q (consonant split in Celtic languages; lowercase mirror images) [31]

Some seem like accidental (shallow?) pairings:
Swift/Sterne [11]
Browne/Nolan (Bruno of Nola; Browne and Nolan, Dublin booksellers) [49]
Paul/Peter [36]
Tom/Tim [40]

Some are more obviously archetypal abstractions:

tree/stone  [71]
pen/post (including penman/postman) [24]
goat/sheep [24]
dove/raven (including coo/caw) [43]
Cain/Abel [28]
dark/fair (including black/white) [40]
Gall/Gael (Viking foreigner/Irish native) [26]

But at the deepest level they're agreed to be James Joyce as Shem, and his various nemeses as Shaun... with the deepest symmetries spread across the whole book:

Shem/Shaun (including James/John) [49]
Jerry/Kevin [14]
Mick/Nick (St Michael, angel and Old Nick, devil) [60]
Mookse/Gripes [152ff] [29] Shaun-fox-pope/Shem-grapes
Ondt/Gracehoper [414ff] [27]
Tingsomingenting/Nixnixundnix (Gracehoper's and Ondt's homes) [6]
Butt/Taff [338ff] [32]
Caddy/Primas [5]

dime/cash [8] time-dimension?/???

not indexed:
holly/ivy [28]
Mutt/Jute [37]
Jacob/Esau [25]

consensus links:
  • Shem-Jerry-Nick-Gripes-Gracehoper-tree-pen-goat-raven-Cain-dark [119]
  • Shaun-Kevin-Mick-Mookse-Ondt-stone-post-sheep-dove-Abel-fair [220]
Viking foreigner/Irish native?
We don't have a theory of why/when Joyce chose to include a pair, or not. The liberal view is that whenever any syllable echoed half a pair, he'd try to work in the other too. The conservative view is that some of these are just accidental, so there need to be definite, explicit changes within a short span.

Fweet links both halves if they're on different lines (here, lines 27 and 34-- very weak!):
035.27+Taff (Motif: Butt/Taff [.34])

Basic principles of story-combinatorics predict we should see:
  • just A, just B, both A and B, neither A nor B
  • A changing to B and back
  • pair 1 permuted with pair 2 (eg time/space/dark/fair)
The encounter of HCE with the cad may be opposites meeting: ShemCad vs ShaunHCE, but also father with (unrecognised?) son

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[oral style... rhythmic]

woolen gauntlet (?)

[with one Berlin glove stuck in his belt-side, and Jeames simply pointed with his index finger to the individual ] Thackeray
"take my stand, sir, upon the monument" (it's 200ft tall)
"Ǝ": 2nd of 4 rotations
[Great Taskmaster's]
Gaping Gill [fweet-16?] 300ft deep

FDV: "adding however that the accusation against him had been made as was well known by a creature in human form who was several degrees lower than a snake. In support of his words the honest goliath tapped his chronometer and pointed to overgrown milestone as he said solemnly: I am prepared to stand on the monument any day at this hour and to declare before the deity and my fellows that there is not tittle of truth in that purest of fabrications."

4DV: "that the accusation against him had been made, as was well known in high quarters, by a creature in human form who was several degrees lower than a snake. In greater support of his words the flaxen giant tapped his chronometer and, now standing erect with one Berlin gauntlet pointed towards the duke's overgrown milestone solemnly averred: Credit me, my friend. I have won straight. Hence my nationwide business and I am prepared to take my stand upon the monument any hygienic day at this hour and to declare upon the open bible before the Great Taskmaster's eye and in the presence of the deity and my immediate neighbours and every living soul in every corner of this globe in general acquainted with the British tongue that there is not one tittle of truth in that purest of fabrications."


Healy says 'how' for 'hock'

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tigerwood staff
caoutchouc (KOOchook) kepi

fustian tunic



rubberised inverness
Average Dublin temperature at noon on April 13: 50°F (11°C)

A hypothetical sequence of motifs leading to this Cad:
...Djuna [Barnes] said that Joyce is frightfully superstitious. Just before "Ulysses" came out she was walking with him and his wife in the Bois de Bologne, when a man brushed by and mumbled something she did not understand. Joyce blanched and trembled. Djuna asked what was the matter. "That man, whom I have never seen before," he said, "said to me as he passed, in Latin, 'You are an abominable writer!' That is a dreadful omen the day before the publication of my novel."
Circe 262 "unknown beggar comes to bigtimer in day of triumph to tell of a past betise"
Exiles2 46 "Trist. meets self"
Eolus 131 "what I'm afraid may be said to me I had better say first myself"

[might I beg to ask the time?]
[K. O. Sempatrick's Day and the fenian rising] mysterious phone number? fweet-8
[softnosed bullet] between fullmetaljacket and hollowpoint


[♬? skirling] bagpipes
[Fox Goodman?] fweet-11
[♬ Cuchulainn's Lament] fweet-8 wiki

Joyce's puns hint of sodomy

FDV: "Guiltless he was clearly for so once at least he clearely declared himself to be. They tell the story that one fine spring morning some years after the alleged misdemeanour whisst crossing the fair expanse of the park he met a cad with a pipe. The latter accosted him to ask if he could say what it was o'clock that the clock struck. Earwicker drew his enamelled hunter and told the cad it was twelve to the minute"

4DV: "Guiltless he was clearly for so once at least he clearly and with still a trace of his erstwhile burr declared himself to be and we know that it is true. They tell the story that one happy-go-gusty April morning long after the alleged misdemeanour when billowing across the wide expanse of our great park in his rubberised inverness he met a cad with a pipe. The latter hardily accosted him to ask could he say how much o'clock it was that the clock struck had he any idea. Earwicker, realising on fundamental principles the supreme importance of physical life and unwishful of being sent into eternity plugged by the sap's bullet, halted and, quick on the draw, produced from his gunpocket his shrapnel-Waterbury and, at the same instant hearing above the skirling of harsh Mother East old Fox Goodman working the tenor bell in the speckled church, told the cad it was twelve punctual, adding however, as he bent to give weight to the utterance"

mysteries: bamer, hideinsacks (socks?)


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"posted" can mean either 'assigned a job posting' or 'reported missing, on a poster'

"house for the chargehard, Roche... Lowe" = Le Fanu's Dublin novel "The House by the Churchyard" [fweet-40]

Joyce probably found "soul of the rice corn" in Golden Bough, where it's appeased to keep the harvest good

Joyce seems to delicately depict the Park as female genitals

The Hollow, Phoenix Park, c1900

"froods turn for thatt chopp pah kabbakks alicubi " (waiting in line at the butcher's?)
"garthen gaddeth green hwere sokeman hrideth girling" (while the cat's away the mice will play???)
"Wives, rush to the restgowns!" (rescue: ALP, save HCE?)
"Ofman will toman while led is the lol." (the rose's beauty seduces him?)
"Zessid's our kadem, villapleach, vollapluck." (school of hard knocks?)
"Fikup, for flesh Nellij, el mundo nov, ole flen!" (he falls for her, and it's a new world, old friend??)
"If she's a lilyth, pull early! Pauline, allow!" (don't go too far?)
"And malers abushed, keep black, keep black!" (he was ambushed by her)

[lilyth, pull early! Pauline, allow!] [♬ with lyrics (and ad)]


FDV: "Slander, let it do its worst, has never been able to convict that good and great man of any greater misdemeanour than that of an incautious exposure and partial of [...] in the presence of certain nursemaids whose testimony is, if not dubious, at any rate slightly divergent. Guiltless he was clearly for so once at least he clearely declared himself to be."

4DV: "Truth compels one to add that there is said to have once been some case of the kind implicating, it is sometimes believed, a quidam about that time walking around Dublin with a bad record who has remained completely anonymous but was, it is stated, posted at Mallon's at the instance of watch warriors of the vigilance committee, and years afterwards, writes one, seemingly dropped dead whilst waiting for a chop somewhere near Hawkins street. Slander, let it lie its flattest, has never been able to convict that good and great and no ordinary Southron Earwicker, as a pious author calls him, of any graver impropriety than that, advanced by some woodward or regarder who did not dare deny that he had that day consumed the soul of the corn, of having behaved in an ungentlemanly manner opposite a pair of dainty maidservants in the greenth of the rushy hollow, whither, or so the two gown and pinners pleaded, dame nature in all innocency had spontaneously and about the same hour of the eventide sent them both but whose published combinations of testimonies are, where not dubiously pure, visibly divergent on minor points touching the intimate nature of this, a first offence in vert or venison which was admittedly an incautious but, at its widest, a partial exposure with such attenuating circumstances as an abnormal Saint Martin's summer and a ripe occasion to provoke it."

mysteries: silkinlaine


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marbletopped highboy
[The cast was thus]
[There are some things which cannot and, we should like to be able to say, shall not be done.]
[♬ Hay, hay, hay! Hoq, hoq, hoq! Faun and Flora... love that little old joq.] lyrics
[quondam (pfuit! pfuit!)]

FDV: "Imposing enough indeed he looked and worthy of that title as he sat on gala nights in the royal booth with wardrobepanelled coat thrown back from a shirt wellnamed a swallowall far outstarching the laundered lordies and marbletopped highboys of the pit. A baser meaning has been read into these letters, the literal sense of which decency can but touch. It has been suggested that he suffered from a vile disease. To such a suggestion the only selfrespecting answer is to affirm that there are certain statements which ought not to be, and one would like to be able to add, ought not to be allowed to be made. Nor have his detractors mended their case by insinuating that he was at one time under the imputation of annoying soldiers in the park. To anyone who knew and loved H. C. E. this suggestion is preposterous."

4DV: "from his viceregal booth where, a veritable Napoleon the Fourth, this father of the people all of the time sat having the entirety of his house about him with the invariable broadstretched kerchief cooling his whole neck, nape and shoulderblades and in a wardrobepanelled tuxedo completely thrown back from a shirt well entitled a swallowall, on every point far outstarching the laundered clawhammers and marbletopped highboys of the pit stalls and early amphitheatre. A baser meaning has been read into these characters the literal sense of which decency can safely scarcely hint. It has been blurtingly bruited by certain wisecracks that he suffered from a vile disease. To such a suggestion the one selfrespecting answer is to affirm that there are certain statements which ought not to be, and one should like to be able to add, ought not to be allowed to be made. Nor have his detractors, who, an imperfectly warmblooded race, apparently conceive him as a great white catterpillar capable of any and every enormity in the calendar recorded to the discredit of the Juke and Kellikek families, mended their case by insinuating that, alternatively, he lay at one time under the ludicrous imputation of annoying Welsh fusiliers in the people's park. To anyone who knew and loved the Christlikeness of the big cleanminded giant H.C. Earwicker throughout his long existence the mere suggestion of him as a lustsleuth nosing for trouble in a boobytrap rings particularly preposterous."


I.2: 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47

[Web resources: theatre in Finnegans Wake]

[As I delve, I'm finding so many marginally-useful web resources about the plays and operas Joyce cites, that I'm going to interpolate this page to sort them.]

1616: death of Shakespeare [fweet-257]

1637-41: John Ogilby opens Werburgh Street Theatre, Dublin [cite] [fweet-6]

1662-1787: Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin [fweet-5] [cite]

1803: Gerald Griffin born [wiki] [fweet-10] [Cath] [DNB] [bio-bk]

1808: Wm Balfe born [wiki] [fweet-14] [imdb-34]

1819: John Scanlan persuades Stephen Sullivan to murder his 15yo wife Ellen Hanley Scanlan ( → The Collegians → The Colleen Bawn → The Lily of Killarney)

1820: Dion Boucicault born [wiki] [fweet-64] [imdb-36]

1828: Ibsen born [fweet-95]

1828: WG Wills born [wiki] [bio]

1829: Katti Lanner born [fweet-2]

1829: Gerald Griffin writes novel "The Collegians" (no subtitle) [fweet-7] [crit] [ebook-v2only] [ebook]

1839: Michael Gunn born [fweet-20]

1843: premiere of Balfe's "The Bohemian Girl" [wiki] [fweet-11] [script]

1849: 'Bessie Sudlow' (Barbara Elizabeth Johnson) born [bio] [fweet-2]

????: W.W. Kelly born [FW32.29 Mr Wallenstein Washington Semperkelly] [fweet-5]

1854: Oscar Wilde born [wiki] [fweet-101]

1860: premiere of Boucicault's "The Colleen Bawn, or The Brides of Garryowen" [wiki] [fweet-23] [script]

1860: Chaucey Olcott born [imdb] [fw451.02 "chancey oldcoat"]

1862: premiere of Benedict's opera "The Lily of Killarney" [wiki] [fweet-11]
songs: "The moon hath raised her lamp above", "Eily Mavourneen"

1864: premiere of Boucicault's original play "Arrah-na-Pogue, or, The Wicklow Wedding" [fweet-34] [script] [ebook]

1866: Maud Gonne born [wiki] [fweet-4] [FW399.11, 526.26 mad gone]

1871: Michael Gunn founds Dublin's Gaiety Theatre

1873: Dec: Gaiety begins tradition of annual Xmas pantomime for families [history] [fweet-143]

1873: Sidney Olcott born (acted/directed Boucicault films) [imdb]

1875: Mistinguett born [wiki] [FW32.11 Lily Miskinguette]

1877: Barbara Elizabeth Johnson marries Michael Gunn (→Bessie Gunn)  (socialising with Joyce family)

1880: "Annals of the Theatre Royal, Dublin" [ebook]

1883: Selskar Gunn born [bio] [fweet-5] friends with Joyce in Paris 40yrs later [FW: Les Loves of Selskar et Pervenche]

1888: Kelly in London [passim]

1891: London premiere of Kelly's production of Wills' "A Royal Divorce" [fweet-20] [review] [review] [1909 playbill]

1894: Bea Lillie born [wiki] [imdb-41]

1895: London premiere of Wilde's "The Importance of Being Earnest, A Trivial Comedy for Serious People" [wiki] [fweet-2]

1896: Gaiety's 25th anniversary [fweet-12]

1897: Iris Tree born [wiki] [FW30.01 Iris Trees; or FW2 Iris Frees]

1898: Kelly boasts his touring company has brought Royal Divorce to Manchester 28 times, and Liverpool 26 times in five years [cite]

1899: "Irish Playgoer" magazine [ebook]

1902: premiere of Yeats' "Cathleen Ní Houlihan" starring Maud Gonne

1904: Abbey Theatre founded [wiki] [fweet-3]

1907: riots at Abbey over Synge's "Playboy of the Western World" [fweet-14]


1911: silent film of Colleen Bawn [40min]

1911: silent film of Arrah-na-Pogue [imdb]

1918: Joyce writes "Exiles" [wiki] [fweet-5]

1918: 29Apr: English Players' 1st production, Importance of Being Earnest

Barrie, The Twelve Pound Look; Synge, Riders to the Sea; Shaw, The Dark Lady of the Sonnets; and Martyn, The Heather Fields

1922: Bea Lillie sings "William the Conk"
1922-32: Selskar Gunn in Paris, friendly with Joyce

1924: silent film of Colleen Bawn [wiki]

1926: silent film of "A Royal Divorce" [imdb]

1929: film of Colleen Bawn, retitled Lily of Killarney [wiki]

1934: film of Colleen Bawn, retitled Lily of Killarney, retitled Bride of the Lake [imdb] [4min?]

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[♬ Nohomiah be our place like]
[♬ Pinck poncks that bail for seeks alicence]
[♬ Mistinguett]

'Duke Humphrey' (spelled variously) was by 1600 a euphemism for having nothing to eat, by a London geographic accident involving the poor and a particular monument. Around the same time Thomas Nash dedicated a book to a tobacconist named Humphrey King, using language very similar to Joyce's about HCE.

"that white hat":

WW Kelly was known as the Yankee Hustler

[♬ selections from The Bo' Girl] [and ♬ The Lily]

FDV: "maybe it is certain that from that date all documents initialled by Humphrey bear the sigla. H.C.E. and whether he was always Coxon for his cronies and good duke Humphrey for the ragged tiny folk of Lucalizod it was certainly a pleasant turn of the populace which gave him as sense of these initials the nickname 'Here Comes Everything'. Imposing enough indeed he looked and worthy of that title as he sat on gala nights in the royal booth with wardrobepanelled coat thrown back from a shirt wellnamed a swallowall far outstarching the laundered lordies and marbletopped highboys of the pit."

4DV: "We shall perhaps not so soon see. The great fact emerges that after that historic date all holographs so far exhumed initialled by Haromphrey bear the sigla H.C.E. and while he was only and long and always good dook Umphrey for the hungerlean spalpeens of Lucalizod and Chimbers to his cronies it was equally certainly a pleasant turn of the populace which gave him as sense of those normative letters the nickname Here Comes Everybody. An imposing everybody he always indeed looked, constantly the same as himself and magnificently well worthy of any and all such universalisation, every time he continually surveyed from good start to happy finish the truly catholic assemblage gathered together from all quarters unanimously to applaud Mr. W.W. Semperkelly's immergreen tourers in the problem passion play of the millentury a Royal Divorce with ambitious interval band selections from the Bo Girl and The Lily on all gala command nights from his viceregal booth"


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why would one pretend to be longsighted? (could he be hiding illiteracy?)
"William the Conk" was a comic song about ancestry sung by Beatrice Lillie in drag in 1922 (she may also have contributed to the walrus moustaches and Sophy's humour).
there's a little Gladstone trivia, for some reason
[put wise... scatterguns... dulsi] from O. Henry
[♬ where the... preties grow]
[♬ For he kinned Jom Pill with his court so gray and his haunts in his house in the mourning]

Beatrice Lillie singing about Wm the Conk:

Supposedly the earwigs crawl up into the pot!

Is the king asking about earwigs as bait for lobsters? (if he's longsighted he should see the flowerpot fine.) There's no (saltwater) lobsters in the (freshwater) Liffey, but Joyce conceived this scene in Bognor on the (salty) English coast, where there are. Is HCE catching the 'bluggy' earwigs instead because they're a pest in some way? They can damage some crops but their scary appearance has led to other suspicions. Also, why the high perch? The earwigs wouldn't climb it, would they?

magg... blugg... wugg...gugg

18thC Worcester gugglet:

are those their fates which we read in prophecy between possible/right and impossible/wrong?

FDV: "Forgetful of all but his fealty he hastened out on to the road holding aloft a long perch atop of which a flowerpot was affixed. On his majesty, who was rather longsighted from early youth, inquiring whether he had been engaged in lobstertrapping Humphrey bluntly answered: 'No, my liege, I was only a cotching of them bluggy earwigs'. The king upon this smiled heartily and, giving way to that none too genial humour which he had inherited from his great aunt Sophy, turned towards two of his retinue, the lord of Offaly and the mayor of Waterford (the syndic of Drogheda according to a later version) remarking 'How our brother of Burgundy would fume did he know that he have this trusty vassal who is a turnpiker who is also an earwicker'. True facts as this legend maybe"

4DV: "On his majesty, who was, or often feigned to be, noticeably longsighted from green youth, and had been meaning to inquire what, in effect, had caused yon causeway to be so potholed, asking, substitutionally, to be put wise as to whether paternoster and silver doctors were not now more fancied bait for lobstertrapping honest blunt Haromphreyld answered in no uncertain tones very similarly with a fearless forehead: Naw, yer maggers, aw war jist a cotchin on thon bluggy earwuggers. Our Sailor King, who was draining a gugglet of obvious water, upon this, ceasing to swallow, smiled most heartily beneath his walrus moustaches and indulging that none too genial humour which William the Conk on the spindle side had inherited with the hereditary whitelock and some shortfingeredness from his great aunt Sophy, turned towards two of his retinue of gallowglasses, Michael, etheling lord of Leix in Offaly and the jubilee mayor of Drogheda, Elcock, (the two scatterguns being Michael Manning, protosyndic of Waterford and an Italian excellency named Giubilei according to a later version cited by the learned scholarch Canavan of Canmakenoise) and remarked dilsydulsily: Holybones, how our red brother of Pouringrainia would audibly fume did he know that we have for trusty bailiwick a turnpiker who is by turns a pikebailer no seldomer than an earwigger! Comes the question are these the facts as recorded in both or either of the collateral andrewpomurphyc narratives."

mysteries: among the... tree

Healy gets 'Drogheda' right, I think: DRAWhedah

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