Monday, October 14, 2013

[Trieste in Finnegans Wake]

Trieste [fweet-25] 1905 population c200k
on the Adriatic [fweet-3] in Austria [fweet-23]
Italian dialect [fweet-6]
bora wind [fweet-1]

Greek Orthodox [fweet-1]
Miramare Castle [fweet-1] Maximilian [fweet-1]
Irredentists [fweet-1]

1861: Ettore Schmitz/ 'Italo Svevo' born [wiki] [fweet-2]

1878: Berlitz founded [wiki] [fweet-3]

1881: Il Piccolo della Sera founded

1888: Scipio Slataper born [fweet-1]

1905: 12Mar: 23yo Joyce arrives in Trieste w/21yo Nora

Roberto Prezioso [fweet-2] editor of Piccolo, student of JAJ

1905: Jun: JAJ distributes 50 copies of "Holy Office" [fweet-2] via Stannie

1905: 27Jul: Giorgio born

“The Boarding House”

1905: Sep: rejection by Grant Richards of Chamber Music

1905: Oct: Stannie comes

Two Gallants

1906: 30Sep: (Rome) Stannie claims JAJ writing new Dubliners story called "Ulysses" about 'Mr Hunter'

1907: 07Mar: JAJ returns to Trieste

22Mar 1907 to 16May 1912: Triestine newspaper Il Piccolo della Sera publishes eight essays by JAJ (“Ireland, Land of Saints and Scholars,” “James Charles Mangan” (second essay on Mangan), “Fenianism,” “Home Rule Comes of Age,” and “Ireland at the Bar.” )

The Dead

1907: May: Chamber Music published

1907: Lucia born

FW48.23: Dario de Tuoni: Triestine friend and pupil of Joyce

1912: "Gas from a Burner" [fweet-5]

1913: "Giacomo Joyce" [fweet-2]

1914: "Exiles" [fweet-5]

1915: 12Apr: Eileen marries Frantisek Schaurek [fweet-1]

1920: Jun: move to Paris

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