Thursday, May 8, 2014

Page 248

Assigned reading (2+ pars [] plus 169 notes) [secondary] [McH] [*]


Bow Bells' prophecy: "Turn again Whittington, thrice Lord Mayor of London" [wiki]

Ally Sloper
"his eyelids are painted" (medieval ascetics tattooed eyelids black?) [sourcetext] [ditto] [fweet-13] [VI.B3]

oldenborre/ cockchafer
'Sweet Sir Walter' (date rape)
Swan Water river?
"the starry cope / Of Heaven" Milton, Paradise Lost
"I've a Secret to Tell Thee"  [sheetmusic] [cf Dennis, Don't Be Threatening]
"have the mind to retire to be wicked" [etext]
"Six thirteens" [via]
odd street names in Dublin

FDV: "quasimodo, royal, sago, tango, umber, vanilla, wistaria, xray, yesplease, zaza, philomel, theerose. What are they all by? Shee. If you knew her in her prime make sure you find her complimentary. Or {by Angus Dagdasson & all his picciapiccions, on your very first occasion} she'll prick where you're proud with her speagle eye. Look sharp, she's signalling again from among the asters. {Turn again wishfulton loud mere at {of} Doubtluin. Arise, land under wave.} Clap your lingua to your pallet, drop your jowl with a jolt, tambourine until your breath slides, pet a pout and it's out. Have you got me, Allysloper?"



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