Sunday, June 29, 2014

Page 300

Assigned reading (8 pars [] plus 111 notes) [secondary] [McH] [*]

synopsis: 'an interlude — describing Dolph in detail'

FDV: "You know, you're damn smart, so you are. Whereapool he would look mum in bewonderment of his chipper chubor making cyclopes and trigonies repeat theirselves allover the waste of Brown & Nolan's paper till that on him the juggler veins in his scraw stood out tightropes."

2DV: "You know, you're a damn smart gossoon, so you are. Whereapool with a sweet marie stealed from the jacob & a slypull at the slidepage would he wont seeing nibble his mum to me in bewonderment of his chipper chuthor grafficking cyclopes after trigonies pursuiting themselves like godolphing in fairlove to see allover the waste of Nolan's Brown paper till that on him so poorin sweat the juggler's veins in his scrag forestood out burstright taut tightropes."



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