Friday, October 3, 2014

Page 385

Assigned reading (1 par [] plus 90 notes) [secondary] [McH] [*]

synopsis: 'the story of Mamalujo begins — watching the love scene of Tristan and Isolde'

fdv: ""

2dv: ""

4dv: "She, after a cough, murmurously then gave her firm order for tootsweet if he wouldn't please mind some though not too much of the six best national poetry quotations reflecting on the situation so long as it was a stroke or two above it's a fine night and yon moon shines bright and all to that, the plain fact of the matter being that being a natural born lover of nature in all her moods and senses, by the light of the moon, of the silvery moon she longed to spoon before her honeyoldmoon at the same time drinking in long draughts of purest air serene and revelling in the great outdoors. That mouth of mandibles vowed to pure beauty promptly elocutionised to her a favourite lyrical bloom bellclear in iambic decasyllabic hexameter: —Rollon thoudeep andamp anddark blueo ceanroll! Lady, it was just too gorgeous for words, the whole sensation. The sea, of a" "cuddling and kiddling her from under her mistlethrush and kissing and listening in the good old bygone days of Dion Boucicault the elder in Arrah-na-pogue in one of the farback, pitchblack centuries when who made the world when they knew O'Clery, the man on the door, when they were all four collegians on the nod, whiteboys and oakboys, peep of day boys and peeping tom boys, with their slates and satchels playing Florian's fables in the queen's Ultonian colleges with another fellow. Ah ho! It brought the dear prehistoric scenes all back again as fresh as of yore, Matt and Marcus, and after that now there he was and his Arrah-na-poghue before the four of them so shocking and scandalous and now thank God there were no more of them and he poghuing and poghuing and there they were listening,"



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