Thursday, October 9, 2014

Page 391

Assigned reading (1 pars [] plus 105 notes) [secondary] [McH] [*]

synopsis: 'the story associated with Lucas Tarpey — rambling reminiscences'

fdv: ""

2dv: ""

4dv: "and beard, in or aring or around about the year of buy in disgrace 1132 or 1169 or 1798 Y.W.C.A. at the Married Male Familyman's Auctioneers' court in Arrahnacuddle. Poor Johnny of the clan of Dougals, the poor Scotsman, dinna forget, so frightened on account of her fullbottom and the four masters because he was so slow grooming her ladyship instead of backscratching her materfamilias proper like any old methodist, and all divorced according to their dear faithful. Ah now, it was too bad! And poor Mark or Marcus Bowandcoat, the poor old chronometer, all persecuted by everybody by decree absolute because he forgot himself making wind and water and made a mess of all of himself and because he forgot to remember to sign an old morning proxy paper, a request in writing to herself on stamped parchment before saying his grace before fish and then and there and too there was poor Dion Cassius Poosycomb all drowned too before the world and her husband, because it was most improper and most wrong when he attempted to— well, he was shocking bad in his health, he said, with the shingles falling off him— because he— ah, well now, we won't be too hard on him as an old Manx presbyterian, and after that he made his last will and went to confession on his two bare marrowbones to Mother Evangelist Sweeney and he was so sorry, he was really, because he left the bootbutton in the hansom cab and now, tell the truth, there"



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