Thursday, October 16, 2014

Page 398

Assigned reading (2++ pars [] plus 98 notes) [secondary] [McH] [*]

synopsis: 'hear, o hear — music for Tristan and Isolde; a song for Tristan and Isolde — sung by the four, each with his own stanza'

fdv: ""

2dv: ""

4dv: "his useful arm getting busy on the touchline due south of her western shoulder, ...— I'm right glad I ran on to you, Tris, you fascinator you! Miss Erin said, when she had won free, laughing at the same time delightfully in dimpling bliss, being awfully bucked by her gratifying experience of the love embrace from a highly continental bigtimer the like of him possessed of a handsome face well worth watching with an interesting tallow complexion from which great things very expected as a film star for she fully realised that he was evidently a notoriety" "Conry ap Mul or Lap ap Morion and Buffler ap Matty Mac Gregory for Marcus on Podex by Daddy de Wyer, old bagabroth, and one by one and sing a mamalujo. And after that now in the future please God all start repeating ourselves and all now united sansfamillias say oremus prayer for auld acquaintance to Peregrine and Michael and Farfassa and Peregrine for navigants at peregrinantibus in all the old and imperial sea and sing a lovasteamadorion in her doaty ducky little blue and roll a hoop and how she ran we never never shall forget and old Luke and Senchus Mor and another more for auld luke syne and she haihaihail her kobbor kohinor sehehet on the praze savohohole shanghai. Hear, O hear, Iseult la belle! Tristan, sad hero, hear! Anno Domini nostri sancti Jesu Christi Nine hundred and ninetynine million pound sterling in the blueblack bowels of the bank of Ulster. Braw bawbees and good gold pounds, galore, my girleen, a Sunday'll prank thee finely"



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