Monday, February 15, 2016

[Finnegans Wake online]

I'm thinking about the possibility of compiling online FW annotations into a series of GoogleDocs spreadsheets: [eg] using my l33t new elisp skillz, so I need an uptodate survey of what's out there.

(My skillz aren't quite l33t enough to create a working open-invitation page for the new discussion forum at so if you want an individual invite I'll need your email address somehow.)

Fweet.has something like 80,000 entries under a single human editor.

FinnegansWiki has lots with no editor but impossible to scan, hairy to try to scrape/crawl/count.

Finwake has lots with one editor, in a format that looks uncrawlable. has something with their own version of noneditors.

I've got four different blogs in various states of incompletion, this one being farthest along, this one most evolved, this one treating things genetically, and this one abandoned.

I recently released new online editions of both Finnegans Wake and Ulysses with unobtrusive paragraph-by-paragraph links to my annotations pages, which try to link directly to all other online resources. The idea is that you keep copies on your home drive, bookmarked on your browser, and use the browser's 'find' command to quickly get to these links. The standard online edition of FW is TrentU's.

The Scholars' Collection includes especially Hayman's First Draft Version.

GoogleBooks has McHugh's Annotations but Fweet presumably includes all of it.

There's lots of reading groups worldwide but precious little online representation.


  1. Hi! Your site is a magnificent resource. I feel silly asking this, given the detail you go into above and the wealth of online means of reviewing, but is there any within-reach way of printing out annotations? I'm interested in pages from Book III on. Thank you. Siobhán

  2. Use Fweet to select a range of lines, then use your browser's 'print page' command?