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[Web resources: theatre in Finnegans Wake]

[As I delve, I'm finding so many marginally-useful web resources about the plays and operas Joyce cites, that I'm going to interpolate this page to sort them.]

1616: death of Shakespeare [fweet-257]

1637-41: John Ogilby opens Werburgh Street Theatre, Dublin [cite] [fweet-6]

1662-1787: Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin [fweet-5] [cite]

1803: Gerald Griffin born [wiki] [fweet-10] [Cath] [DNB] [bio-bk]

1808: Wm Balfe born [wiki] [fweet-14] [imdb-34]

1819: John Scanlan persuades Stephen Sullivan to murder his 15yo wife Ellen Hanley Scanlan ( → The Collegians → The Colleen Bawn → The Lily of Killarney)

1820: Dion Boucicault born [wiki] [fweet-64] [imdb-36]

1828: Ibsen born [fweet-95]

1828: WG Wills born [wiki] [bio]

1829: Katti Lanner born [fweet-2]

1829: Gerald Griffin writes novel "The Collegians" (no subtitle) [fweet-7] [crit] [ebook-v2only] [ebook]

1839: Michael Gunn born [fweet-20]

1843: premiere of Balfe's "The Bohemian Girl" [wiki] [fweet-11] [script]

1849: 'Bessie Sudlow' (Barbara Elizabeth Johnson) born [bio] [fweet-2]

????: W.W. Kelly born [FW32.29 Mr Wallenstein Washington Semperkelly] [fweet-5]

1854: Oscar Wilde born [wiki] [fweet-101]

1860: premiere of Boucicault's "The Colleen Bawn, or The Brides of Garryowen" [wiki] [fweet-23] [script]

1860: Chaucey Olcott born [imdb] [fw451.02 "chancey oldcoat"]

1862: premiere of Benedict's opera "The Lily of Killarney" [wiki] [fweet-11]
songs: "The moon hath raised her lamp above", "Eily Mavourneen"

1864: premiere of Boucicault's original play "Arrah-na-Pogue, or, The Wicklow Wedding" [fweet-34] [script] [ebook]

1866: Maud Gonne born [wiki] [fweet-4] [FW399.11, 526.26 mad gone]

1871: Michael Gunn founds Dublin's Gaiety Theatre

1873: Dec: Gaiety begins tradition of annual Xmas pantomime for families [history] [fweet-143]

1873: Sidney Olcott born (acted/directed Boucicault films) [imdb]

1875: Mistinguett born [wiki] [FW32.11 Lily Miskinguette]

1877: Barbara Elizabeth Johnson marries Michael Gunn (→Bessie Gunn)  (socialising with Joyce family)

1880: "Annals of the Theatre Royal, Dublin" [ebook]

1883: Selskar Gunn born [bio] [fweet-5] friends with Joyce in Paris 40yrs later [FW: Les Loves of Selskar et Pervenche]

1888: Kelly in London [passim]

1891: London premiere of Kelly's production of Wills' "A Royal Divorce" [fweet-20] [review] [review] [1909 playbill]

1894: Bea Lillie born [wiki] [imdb-41]

1895: London premiere of Wilde's "The Importance of Being Earnest, A Trivial Comedy for Serious People" [wiki] [fweet-2]

1896: Gaiety's 25th anniversary [fweet-12]

1897: Iris Tree born [wiki] [FW30.01 Iris Trees; or FW2 Iris Frees]

1898: Kelly boasts his touring company has brought Royal Divorce to Manchester 28 times, and Liverpool 26 times in five years [cite]

1899: "Irish Playgoer" magazine [ebook]

1902: premiere of Yeats' "Cathleen NĂ­ Houlihan" starring Maud Gonne

1904: Abbey Theatre founded [wiki] [fweet-3]

1907: riots at Abbey over Synge's "Playboy of the Western World" [fweet-14]


1911: silent film of Colleen Bawn [40min]

1911: silent film of Arrah-na-Pogue [imdb]

1918: Joyce writes "Exiles" [wiki] [fweet-5]

1918: 29Apr: English Players' 1st production, Importance of Being Earnest

Barrie, The Twelve Pound Look; Synge, Riders to the Sea; Shaw, The Dark Lady of the Sonnets; and Martyn, The Heather Fields

1922: Bea Lillie sings "William the Conk"
1922-32: Selskar Gunn in Paris, friendly with Joyce

1924: silent film of Colleen Bawn [wiki]

1926: silent film of "A Royal Divorce" [imdb]

1929: film of Colleen Bawn, retitled Lily of Killarney [wiki]

1934: film of Colleen Bawn, retitled Lily of Killarney, retitled Bride of the Lake [imdb] [4min?]

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