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[John McCormack, Thomas Moore]

John McCormack [wiki] bio 411-490 [fweet-53] repertoire 404-472 [fweet-48] [gjs]

"Song o' My Heart" [movie] 14 songs: A Fairy Story by the Fire [?], I Feel You Near Me [?], I Hear You Calling Me, Ireland Mother Ireland [?], Just for Today [?], Little Boy Blue [556.10, 589.32], Luoghi Sereni e Cari [?], A Pair of Blue Eyes, Plaisir d'Armour [444.24], The Rose of Tralee, Then You'll Remember Me [170.10, 245.05, 460.34, 461.26, 508.05, 628.14], All Mein Gedanken [?], Kitty My Love Will You Marry Me? [?], The Magpie's Nest [276.06?]

Ave Maria [yT] [yT] [158.19, 198.08, 244.14, 411.19]
Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere [yT] [?]
Dei miei bollenti spiriti [yT] [?]
Una furtiva lagrima [yT] [?]
I Hear You Calling Me [yT] [yT] [Song o' My Heart] [442.32]
Ireland, Mother Ireland [yT] [Song o' My Heart] [?]
Kathleen Mavourneen [yT?] [093.31, 290.23]
A Little Bit of Heaven [yT] [514.22]
Little Pal [yT] [?]
Love's Old Sweet Song [yT] [110.24, 161.13]
Macushla [yT] [428.16]
Il mio tesoro [yT] [462.22]
Molly Bawn [yT] [450.25?]
Mother Machree [yT] [092.20, 200.03, 243.03, 343.11, 378.27, 397.12, 426.09, 452.15, 542.20]
Nearer My God To Thee [yT] [345.23]
O terra adio [yT] [?]
Oft In The Stilly Night [yT] [040.13, 136.20, 192.23]
A Pair Of Blue Eyes [yT] [Song o' My Heart] [?]
Parle-moi De Ma Mere [yT] [?]
Rose Marie [yT] [441.16]
The Rose of Tralee [yT] [Song o' My Heart] [405.20]
Snowy Breasted Pearl [yT] [044.01, 462.10]
So Deep The Night [yT] [?]
Somewhere A Voice Is Calling [yT] [?]
Sospiri miei, andate ove vi mando [yT] [?]
Spirito gentil [yT] [?]
The Sunshine Of Your Smile [yT] [yT] [?]
L'ultima Canzone [yT] [?]
When You & I Were Young, Maggie [yT] [yT] [?]
Where the River Shannon Flows [yT] [?]
You Forgot To Remember [yT] [391.19]

Thomas Moore

Oft In The Stilly Night [yT] [040.13, 136.20, 192.23]

Irish Melodies [fweet-220] [site] [♬♬♬♬] [♬♬♬♬]
(I.1-8, I.2-1, I.3-17, I.4-15, I.5-6, I.6-8, I.7-3, I.8-7, II.1-9, II.2-14, II.3-33, II.4-19, III.1-7, III.2-26, III.3-23, III.4-16, IV-15)

Night closed around the conqueror's way / After the Battle v3 - words [air: Thy Fair Bosom?] [355.19]
Alone in crowds to wander on [air: Shule Aroon] v10 - midi words words [049.06, 407.36]
And doth not a meeting like this make amends v9 - words [?]
As a beam o'er the face of the waters may glow [air: The Young Man's Dream ]  v1 - words [56.17, 383.20?]
As slow our ship her foamy track v7 - words [106.14, 383.19]
As vanquish'd Erin wept beside v9 - midi words [?]
At the mid hour of night [air: Molly, My Dear]  v5 - words [328.18, 519.35]
Avenging and bright fall the swift sword of Erin [air: Crooghan a Venee; or, The Fenian Mount] v4 - words [055.04]
By the hope within us springing / Before the Battle v3 - words [air: The Fairy Queen] [328.29]
Believe me, if all those endearing young charms v2 - midi words [082.20, 092.21, 519.20]
By that Lake, whose gloomy shore v4 - words [air: The Brown Irish Girl] [203.26, 396.11, 433.06, 600.36, 601.17]
By the Feal's wave benighted / Desmond's Song v9 -  words [018.02]
By the hope within us springing / Before the Battle v3 - words [air: The Fairy Queen] [328.29]
Come o'er the sea v6 - words [air: Cuishlih ma Chree] [136.03, 424.11]
Come, rest in this bosom, my own stricken deer v6 - words  [air: Lough Sheeling] [527.04-526.33]
Come, send round the wine, and leave points of belief v2 -  words [air: We Brought the Summer with Us] [326.28]
Dear Harp of my Country! in darkness I found thee - midi words [286.15]
By the Feal's wave benighted / Desmond's Song v9 - words [018.02]
Down in the valley come meet me to-night / The Fortune-Teller v8 - words [air: Open the Door Softly] [427.05]
Drink of this cup; - you'll find there's a spell in v8 - words [air: Paddy O'Rafferty] [345.24]
Drink to her who long v3 - words [air: Heigh Ho! My Jackey] [105.12]
How sweet the answer Echo makes / Echo v8 - words [air: The Wren] [477.33, 604.07]
Like the bright lamp, that shone in Kildare's holy fane / Erin, Oh Erin v3 - words  [air: Thamma Halla] [362.22]
Erin! the tear and the smile in thine eyes v1 - words [509.26]
Oh! weep for the hour / Eveleen's Bower v2 - words [389.20, 450.16]
Fairest! put on a while v9 - words [air: Cummilum] [088.27, 194.18]
Farewell! but whenever you welcome the hour v5 - midi words [468.28]
Fill the bumper fair! v6 - words [180.34, 607.13]
Fly not yet, 'tis just the hour v1 - words [air: Planxty Kelly] [020.19, 334.02]

Sweet Innisfallen, fare thee well v9 - words sheetmusic [air: The Captivating Youth]

Volume No. 1
words Go where glory waits thee v1 - Melody
words Remember the glories of Brien the brave / War Song v1 - Melody
words Oh! breathe not his name, let it sleep in the shade v1 - Melody
words When he, who adores thee, has left but the name v1 - Melody
words The harp that once through Tara's Hall / Tara's Harp v1 - Melody
words O! think not my spirits are always as light v1 - midi
words Though the last glimpse of Erin with sorrow I see / The Coulin v1 - midi
words Rich and rare were the gems she wore v1 - Melody
words There is not in the wide world a valley so sweet / The Meeting of the Waters v1 - Melody
Volume No. 2
words On! haste, and leave this sacred isle / St. Senanus and the Lady v2 - Melody
words How dear to me the hour when daylight dies v2 - Melody
words Take back the virgin page v2 - Melody
words When in death I shall calmly recline / The Legacy v2 - Melody
words How Oft Has the Banshee Cried v2 - Melody
words We may roam through this world v2 - Melody
words Let Erin remember the days of old v2 - Melody
words Silent, oh Moyle, be the roar of thy water / The Song of Fionnuala v2 - Melody
words Sublime was the warning that liberty spoke v2 - Melody

Volume No. 3
words Like the bright lamp, that shone in Kildare's holy fane / Erin, Oh Erin v3 - Melody
words O! blame not the bard v3 - Melody
words While gazing on the moon's light v3 - Melody
words When daylight was yet sleeping under the pillow / Ill Omens v3 - Melody
words By the hope within us springing / Before the Battle v3 - Melody
words Night closed around the conqueror's way / After the Battle v3 - Melody [air: Thy Fair Bosom?] [355.19]
words 'Tis sweet to think that, where'er we rove v3 - Melody
words Through grief and through danger / The Irish Peasant to his Mistress v3 - Melody
words When through life unblest we rove / On Music v3 - midi
words It is not the tear at this moment shed v3 - Melody
words 'Tis believed that this Harp / The Origin of the Harp v3 - Melody
Volume No. 4
words Oh! the days are gone, when Beauty bright / Love's Young Dream - Melody
words Though dark are our sorrows / The Prince's Day - Melody
words Weep on, weep on, your hour is past - Melody
words Lesbia hath a beaming eye - Melody
words I saw thy form in youthful prime - Melody
words She is far from the land - Melody
words Nay, tell me not, dear, that the goblet drowns - Melody
words What the bee is to the flowert - Melody
words Here we dwell, in holiest bowers / Love and the Novice - Melody
words This life is all chequer'd with pleasures and woes - Melody
Volume No. 5
words Through Erin's Isle / Oh, the Shamrock - Melody
words One bumper at parting! - Melody
words 'Tis the Last Rose of Summer - Melody
words The young May moon is beaming, love - Melody
words The Minstrel Boy to the war is gone / The Minstrel Boy - midi
words The valley lay smiling before me / The Song of O'Ruark, Prince of Breffni - Melody
words Oh! had we some bright little isle of our own - Melody
words Oh! doubt me not - the season - Melody
words You remember Ellen, our hamlet's pride - Melody
words I'd mourn the hopes that leave me - Melody
Volume No. 6
words Has sorrow thy young days shaded - Melody
words No, not more welcome the fairy numbers - Melody
words When first I met thee, warm and young - Melody
words While History's Muse the memorial was keeping - Melody
words The time I've lost in wooing - Melody
words Oh, where's the slave so lowly / Where is the Slave - Melody
words 'Tis gone, and for ever, the light we saw breaking - Melody
words In the morning of life, when its cares are unknown - Melody
words I saw from the beach, when the morning was shining - Melody
Volume No. 7
words My gentle Harp, once more I waken - Melody
words When cold in the earth lies the friend thou hast loved - Melody
words Remember thee! yes, while there's life in this heart - Melody
words Wreath the bowl - Melody
words When'er I see those smiling eyes - Melody
words If thou'lt be mine, the treasures of air - Melody
words To Ladies' eyes a round, boy - Melody
words Forget not the field where they perish'd - Melody
words They may rail at this life - from the hour I began it - Melody
words Oh for the swords of former time! - Melody
Volume No. 8
words Ne'er ask the hour - what is it to us - Melody
words Sail on, sail on, thou fearless bark - Melody
words Yes, sad one of Sion, if closely resembling / The Parallel - Melody
words Oh, ye Dead! oh, ye Dead! - Melody
words Of all the fair months, that round the sun / O'Donohue's Mistress - Melody
words Oh, the sight entrancing - Melody
words The dawning of morn, the daylight's sinking / Thee, Thee, Only Thee - Melody
words Shall the Harp then be silent - Melody
Volume No. 9
words 'Twas one of those dreams, that by music are brought - Melody
words Oh, banquet not in those shining bowers - midi
words Quick! we have but a second - Melody
words In yonder valley there dwelt, alone / The Mountain Sprite - Melody
words They know not my heart, who believe there can be - Melody
words I wish I was by that dim Lake - Melody
words She sung of Love, while o'er her lyre - Melody
words Sing - sing - Music was given - Melody
Volume No. 10
words Though humble the banquet to which I invite thee - Melody
words Sing, sweet Harp, oh sing to me - Melody
words To-morrow, comrade, we / Song of the Battle Eve - midi
words What life like that of the bard can be / The Wandering Bard - Melody
words I've a secret to tell thee, but hush! not here - Melody
words They came from a land beyond the sea / Song of Innisfail - midi
words Strike the gay harp! see the moon is on high / The Night Dance - Melody
words There are sounds of mirth in the night-air ringing - Melody
words Oh! Arranmore, loved Arranmore - Melody
words Lay his sword by his side - it hath served him too well - Melody
words The wine-cup is circling in Almhin's hall - Melody
words Oh, could we do with this world of ours - Melody
words From this hour the pledge is given - Melody
words The dream of those days when first I sung thee is o'er - Melody
words Silence is in our festal halls - Melody

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