Saturday, November 9, 2013

Page 66

Assigned reading (1 2/2 pars [] plus 96 notes) [secondary]

the pipe/fender becomes ALP's letter of exoneration/accusation

[written in seven divers stages of ink] poverty and alcoholism
[♬ Will it bright upon us, nightle, and we plunging to our plight? Well, it might now, mircle, so it light]

Ida Hahn-Hahn
at 242.36, JAJ recycles this conflation of Hahn-Hahn/hen-hen and Mme Blavatsky

[handharp (it is hardwarp to tristinguish jubabe from jabule or either from tubote]

[funeral requisites of every needed description]

FDV: "several of the earmarks of a plot. This fender coffin, mistaken for a fender, had been removed from hardware premises which supply funeral requisites of all descriptions. (Here Caracciolo & Nelson.) The conscientious guard in the other case swore [...], a scripture reader swore that Laddy Cumino, the butcher in the blouse, after having delivered some carcasses went & kicked at the door"

4DV: "bearing several of the earmarks of a plot for there is in fact no use putting a tooth on a thing of that sort and the amount of that sort of thing which was then going on was simply stupendous. Next morning the postman handed in a letter superscribed to Humpty, Pot and gallows king. The coffin, at first sight mistaken for a fender, had been removed from hardware premises, a noted house of the middle east which, as an ordinary everyday transaction, supplied funeral requisites of every description. In the parallel case Laddy Cummings, the conscientious guard and a scripture reader to boot, swore before the proper functionary that the butcher in the blouse, after delivering some carcasses, went and kicked at the door"



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