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[The songs of Percy French in Finnegans Wake]

1854-1920 [wiki] [site] [art] [50min] [8min ♬] [30min] [15min] [mudcat] [playlist-84] [playlist-16]

296.F01 "Parsee ffrench for the upholdsterer would be delightered."
495.03 "skirriless ballets in Parsee Franch"

"Phil the Fluther's Ball" [fweet-23] [] []

"Slattery's Mounted Fut" (1889) [fweet-8] [lyrics] []

"Are Ye Right There Michael?" (1897) [] []
066.21 Will it bright upon us, nightle, and we plunging to our plight? Well, it might now, mircle, so it light.
296.13 Are you right there, Michael, are you right? Do you think you can hold on by sitting tight? Well, of course, it's awful angelous. Still I don't feel it's so dangelous. Ay, I'm right here, Nickel, and I'll write.

"Drumcolligher" [lyrics]
176.09 There is Oneyone's House in Dreamcolohour
540.09 Do Drumcollogher whatever you do!

"Whistlin' Phil McHugh" [lyrics] [lyrics] [lyrics] [] []
050.33 When Phishlin Phil wants throws his lip 'tis pholly to be fortuneflouting

"Mick's Hotel" [lyrics]
050.34 whoever's gone to Mix Hotel by the salt say water there's nix to nothing we can do for he's never again to sea.

"Andy McElroe" 1888 [lyrics] []
292.F03 Bussmullah, cried Lord Wolsley, how me Aunty Mag'll row!

"The Night that Miss Cooney Eloped" [lyrics]
330.17 when the Cap and Miss Coolie were roped

"Abdul Abulbul Amir" (1877) [lyrics] [] [] []
355.10 Abdul Abulbul Amir or Ivan Slavansky Slavar

"Come Back Paddy Reilly to Ballyjamesduff" (1912) [] []
485.15 Come back, baddy wrily, to Bullydamestough! Cum him, buddy rowly, with me!

"Mat Hannigan's Aunt" (1892) [lyrics]
245.05 With help of Hanoukan's lamp.
U3.201 Then here's a health to Mulligan's aunt / And I'll tell you the reason why. / She always kept things decent in / The Hannigan famileye.

"The Mountains of Mourne" (1896) [wiki] [] [] [] [3min] [cf ♬]

"When Erin Wakes" (1900) [lyrics]

"McBreen's Heifer" [lyrics] []

The Fortunes of Finnegan

Mulligan's Masquerade [lyrics]

Jim Wheelahan's Automobeel

Eileen Oge (The Pride of Petravore) [lyrics] [lyrics] []

Donegan's Daughter [lyrics]

Father O'Callaghan [lyrics] []

"Larry Mick McGarry" (1915) [lyrics]

Gortnamona [lyrics] [lyrics] [] []

Song of William, Inspector of Drains [lyrics]

An Irish Mother? [lyrics] []

The Queen's After-Dinner Speech? [2min]

The Four Farrellys [lyrics] []

The Valley of Dunloe [lyrics]

Galloping Hogan [lyrics]

The Road to Ballybay [lyrics]

Later On [lyrics] [lyrics]

Sweet Marie [lyrics]

Rafferty's Racin' Mare [lyrics]

The Hoodoo

"The Oklahoma Rose" (1910) [lyrics]

Fighting McGuire [lyrics]

The Girl on a Big Black Mare

Little Brigid Flynn [lyrics]

Maguire's Motor Bike

No More of Yer Golfin' for Me

The Darlin' Girl from Clare [lyrics]

Pretendy Land, 1907

Mrs Brady

The Mary Ann McHugh

The Kerry Courting, 1909

A Sailor Courted a Farmer's Daughter (parody of the folk song)

Tullinahaw, 1910

The Emigrants's Letter, 1910 (Cutting the Corn in Creeslough)

Kitty Gallagher

Flanagan's Flying Machine, 1911

Who said the Hook never Hurted the Worms?

I Fought a Fierce Hyena

The Killyran Wrackers, 1914

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