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Assigned reading (1 par [] plus 183 notes) [secondary]

c1904 Thermos® flask
"ripidian flabel" combines the Greek and Latin words for the ceremonial fans, ideally of peacock feathers, used to keep flies away from the sacramental wine

[the rejoicement of foinne loidiesabc
[the humours of Milltown] abc

008.05 "Penetrators are permitted into the museomound free. Welsh and the Paddy Patkinses, one shelenk!"
071.09 "lacies in loo water, flee, celestials, one clean turv"
098.11 "first house all flatty: the king, eleven sharps"
219.03 "gads, a scrab; the quality, one large shilling"

014.01 "a wickered Kish for to hale dead turves from the bog"
071.10 "one clean turv" [fweet-50]

the list of insults (all in italic) supposedly has 111 items, but that requires you interpret some commas as being within two-part items... and FW2 changes these some (along with various capitalisations). (of the 28 Petrie titles, half are used in the list and half before.)

the Nov 1923 timing of "Informer" doesn't quite qualify it to be the 1925 novel (which does get a mention at 587.36)

"Goldy Geit" ← 'goldygoat' ← "milkless ram"?

[♬ Yass We've Had His Badannas]
[♬ At Baggotty's Bend He Bumped His Bride] (FW2) midi

Timur the lame tyrant:

variations on Baile Atha Cliath or Cise, pronounced ballaclee or blau clay or blaaklee or blaakish???
013.22 baile's
014.02 blay of her Kish
014.09 Ballyaughacleeaghbally
057.31 Ceadurbar-atta-Cleath
071.17 Blau Clay
134.01 Baulacleeva
136.33 bally clay
138.10 ath he listeth the cleah whithpeh
159.30 baileycliaver
210.19 Ballyclee
237.33 Labbeycliath
277.21 Blath
279.07 athclete
285.25 bully
310.12 Bauliaughacleeagh
314.21 Ballaclay
316.27 bliakings, how leif
326.25 Diaeblen-Balkley
420.20 Baile-Atha-Cliath
498.12 Athclee
539.17 Athacleeath
600.10 Cleethabala
612.15 Ebblybally

Blau Clay, [BC???]
Tight before Teatime,
Read Your Pantojoke, [Pentateuch?]
Acoustic Disturbance, [AD???]

[Gobblasst the Good Dook of Ourguile]
[♬ His Farther was a Mundzucker and She had him in a Growler] words

Joyce reuses his phrase "Homely Protestant Religion" at [530.28]

[You're Welcome to Waterfood] abc
[Lobsterpot] abc/midi

[Arthur of this Town]
[Hooshed the Cat from the Bacon]
[Leatherbags Donald] abc [also at 026.01]
[The Ace and Deuce of Paupering
[O'Reilly's Delights]
[Kiss the Man behind the Borrel

[Borrel... ... ... Lycanthrope] (just coincidental?)

"Ghibeline... ... ... guilphy" very distant (39 lines!?!) connection, surprisingly confirmed by "guelfing and ghiberring" [504.29] and "ghimbelling on guelflinks" [567.36] so maybe J added these together but they drifted gradually apart?
(also 71.19 "Gibbering")

"Flunkey Beadle Vamps the Tune Letting on He's Loney"
Yankee Doodle went to town, Riding on a pony

[Tommy Furlong's Pet Plagues]

FDV: "compiled a long list of all the abusive names he was called"

4DV: "under restraint in the sittingout corner of his conservatory, his thermos flask by his side, compiled a long list (now feared lost) to be kept on file of all the abusive names he was called (informer, old fruit, yellow whigger, wheatears, goldygoat, funnyface, bogside beauty, muddle the plan, mister fatmeat)" [these 1st nine names are almost unchanged in the published list, mostly right near the start, in the same order: 2, 3, 4, 5, ~6, 7, 49, ~113]

5DV?: "...goutty ghibellins, yorky porker, white elephant, poison booser, guineapig's bastard" [46, 9, ?, ?. ~110]



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  1. _Firstnighter,
    Old Fruit,
    Yellow Whigger,
    Goldy Geit,
    Bogside Beauty,
    Yass We've Had His Badannas,
    York's Porker,
    At Baggotty's Bend He Bumped His Bride,
    Grease with the Butter,
    Opendoor Ospices,
    Ireland's Eighth Wonderful Wonder,
    Beat My Price,
    Moonface the Murderer,
    Hoary Hairy Hoax,
    Midnight Sunburst,
    Remove that Bible,
    Hebdromadary Publocation,
    Tummer the Lame the Tyrannous,
    Blau Clay,
    Tight before Teatime,
    Read Your Pantojoke,
    Acoustic Disturbance,
    Thinks He's Gobblasst the Good Dook of Ourguile,
    W.D.'s Grace,
    Gibbering Bayamouth of Dublin,
    His Farther was a Mundzucker and She Had Him in a Growler,
    Burnham and Bailey,
    Unworthy of the Homely Protestant Religion,
    Terry Cotter,
    You're Welcome to Waterfood,
    Signed the Ribbonmen,
    Lobsterpot Lardling,
    All for Arthur of this Town,
    Hooshed the Cat from the Bacon,
    Leatherbags Donald,
    The Ace and Deuce of Paupering,
    O'Reilly's Delights to Kiss the Man behind the Borrel,
    Swad Puddlefoot,
    Gouty Ghibellino,
    Loose Luther,
    Hatches Cocks' Eggs,
    Muddle the Plan,
    Luck before Wedlock,
    I Divorce Thee Husband,
    Tanner and a Make,
    Go to Hellena or Come to Connies,
    Piobald Puffpuff,
    Purged out of Burke's,
    He's None of Me Causin,
    Peculiar Person,
    Grunt Owl's Facktotem,
    Twelve Months' Aristocrat,
    Flunkey Beadle Vamps the Tune Letting on He's Loney,
    Thunder and Turf Married into Clandorf,
    Left Boot Sent on Approval,
    Cucumberer of Lord's Holy Ground,
    Stodge Arschmann,
    Awnt Yuke,
    Tommy Furlong's Pet Plagues,
    Archdukon Cabbanger,
    Last Past the Post,
    Kennealey Won't Tell Thee Off Nancy's Gown,
    Scuttle to Cover,
    Salary Grab,
    Andy MacNoon in Annie's Room,
    Awl Out,
    Bombard Street Bester,
    Sublime Porter,
    A Ban for Le King of the Burgaans and a Bom for Ye Sur of all the Ruttledges,
    O'Phelim's Cutprice,
    And at Number Wan Wan Wan,
    What He Done to Castlecostello,
    Sleeps with Feathers and Ropes,
    It is Known Who Sold Horace the Rattler,
    Enclosed Find the Sons of Fingal,
    Swayed in his Falling,
    Wants a Wife and Forty of Them,
    Let Him Do the Fair,
    Apeegeequanee Chimmuck,
    Plowp Goes his Whastle,
    Ruin of the Small Trader,
    He — —,
    Vee was a Vindner,
    Sower Rapes,
    Armenian Atrocity,
    Sickfish Bellyup,
    — —,
    Man Devoyd of the Commoner Characteristics of an Irish Nature,
    Bad Humborg,
    Miching Daddy,
    Born Burst Feet Foremost,
    Woolworth's Worst,
    Easyattic Phallusaphist,
    Guilteypig's Bastard,
    Fast in the Barrel,
    Boose in the Bed,
    Mister Fatmate,
    In Custody of the Polis,
    Boawwll's Alocutionist,