Saturday, April 12, 2014

Page 222

Assigned reading (2 2/2 pars [] plus 149 notes) [secondary] [McH] [*]

Lubbock's "Pleasures of Life" [ebook]

FDV: "the whole to be wound up with a magnificent transformation scene showing the Wedding of Night and Morning and the Dawn of Peace waking the Weary of the World. An argument follows. Chuffy was a nangel then and his soard fleshed light like likening. Fools top! Singty; sangty meeky loose, defendy nous in prayley boos. Make a shine on the curst. Emem. But the duvlim sulph was in Glugger, that lost-to-lurning. Punct. He was sbuffing and sputing, tussing like anisine, whipping his eysoult and gmatsching his teats over the brividies from exsisters and the outher liubbocks of life.
To part from thees, my corsets, is into overlusting fear. Acts of feet, hoof and jarrety. Djow Djowl, uphere! Aminxt that nombre of evelings, but, how pierceful in their sojestiveness were those first girly stirs, with zitterings of flight releashed and twinglings of twitchbells in rondel after, with waverys waverings that made shimmershake rather nightily all the duskscended airs and shylit beaconings from shehind hins hims back." [Oct 1930]



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