Monday, April 14, 2014

Page 224

Assigned reading (2 2/2 pars [] plus 183 notes) [secondary] [McH] [*]

FDV: "Ah ho! This poor Glugg! It was so said of him about of his old fontmouther. Truly deplurabel! A dire. O dire! And all the freightfulness {frei} freightfulness whom he inhebited after his colline born janitor. Sometime towerable! With that {hehry} antlets on him and the baublelight bulching out of his sockets whiling away: she sprankled his allover with her noces of interregnation: How do you do that lack a lock and pass the poker, please: so that Glugg, the poor one, in that limbopool which was his subnesciousness he could scares of all knotknow whither his murder had bourst a blabber or if the vogalstones that hit his tynpan was that mearly his skool missed her. {Ah, ho!} The yenng frilles-in-pleyurs are now showen drawen, if bud one, or, if in florileague, drawens up at the rare sight of their commoner guardia. Her boy fiend, or theirs, if they are so prurielled, cometh up as a trapadour sinking how he must fend for himself by gazework what their colours wear as they are all showen drawens up. He will angskt of them from their commoner guardian, who is really the rapier of the two {espacially} for he bandished it with his hand the hold time, {a simply gratious}: Hast thou feel liked carbunckley ones? Apun which theirs"



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