Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Page 225

Assigned reading (12 pars [] plus 131 notes) [secondary] [McH] [*]

FDV: "is a little tittertit of hilarity and he is atvoiced by their toots enssembled to go to troy and harff a freak at himself by all that's tory to the ulstramarines. {So off for his topheetuck the rogue made raid, aslick aslegs could {would} run, and he ankered on his hunker with the belly belly prest. Asking: Where's {What's} my muffinstuffinaches for thease times? To weat: Breath and bother and whatarcurs. Then breath less {more} bother and more whatarcurss. Then no breath no bother but worrworrums. And Shim shallave shome} So Finmicina {As Rigagnolina} to Montagnone, what she means {meaned} he did {could} not know {can}. All she meaned was multimoney {golten sylvup}, all she meaned was a nyums nyum nyam {some knight's ploung jamn}. If he'd lonely talk instead of only gawk and if he wooed not woory so! — Have you monbreamstone / No. / — Or hellfeuersteyn? / No. / — Or Van Diemen's coral pearl? / No. / He has lost. Off to clutch, Glugg! Farwheel! {Forewhal!} Shape your reres, Glugg! Forweal! Ring we round, Chuff! Fairwell! Chuffchuff's in a {inner} seven: all's rice with their whirl! Yet, ah tears, who can her mater be? She'd promised he'd eye her. To try up her pretti. But now he's {it's} so {longer {longed}} and so fared and so forth."



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