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[Lewis Carroll in Finnegans Wake]

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (1832-98) [wiki] [complete]
Lewis Carroll (penname 1856ff) [fweet-97]
And there many have paused before that exposure of him by old Tom Quad, a flashback in which he sits sated, gowndabout, in clericalease habit, watching bland Sol slithe dodgsomely into the nethermore, a globule of maugdleness about to corrugitate his mild dewed cheek and the tata of a tiny victorienne, Alys, pressed by his limper looser.

057.26 "dodgsomely"
228.16 "Dodgesome Dora"
234.15 "looiscurrals"
294.07 "loose carollaries"
361.21 "grootvatter Lodewijk"
374.02 "Dadgerson's dodges"
482.01 "Dodgfather, Dodgson and Coo"
501.34 "Lewd's carol!"

stutter [fweet-135]

1850: Christ Church [fweet-16], Oxford [fweet-34]
057.24 "Tom Quad"
481.36 "Tam Tower"

1855-62: Mischmasch [wiki] [pdf] [etext]
366.13 "your one mothers, mitsch for matsch"
459.03 "solve qui pu while the dovedoves pick my mouthbuds (msch! msch!) with nurse Madge, my linkingclass girl, she's a fright"
466.12 "his feelings you'll very much hurt for mishmash mastufractured"

1856: 24yo CLD meets 4yo Alice Liddell
'Alice' [fweet-74] (clericalease, Alys, Jalice, Anisette, Two Lice, 'alices, Alesse, Alice Jane, Hey, lass!, a lessle, a lissle, Alis, alas, A liss, Ellis, alice, Alys!, a lass, salices, Secilas, Alicious, alas, alce)

1865: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland [fweet-36] [ms] [etext]

106.21 "Measly Ventures of Two Lice and the Fall of Fruit"
270.20 "Wonderlawn's lost us for ever. Alis, alas"
276.F12 "A liss in hunterland."
333.01 "Why, wonder of wenchalows"
354.23 "limbs wanderloot"
374.03 "wonderland's"
528.17 "Alicious, twinstreams twinestraines, through alluring glass or alas in jumboland?"
618.22 "on Wanterlond Road"

268.14 "Stew of the evening, booksyful stew"
576.07 "Will you, won't you, pango with Pepigi?"

Mad Hatter:
050.26 "occasionally cockaded a raffles ticket on his hat"
083.01 "it's hatter's hares, mon" (also March Hare)

Mock Turtle:
152.15 "The Mookse and The Gripes" (w/the Gryphon??)
393.11 "the muckstails turtles"
567.14 "mocktitles"

caterpillar w/hookah:
461.34 "capitally with his bubbleblown"

1871: Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There (includes "Jabberwocky" and "The Walrus and the Carpenter") [fweet-22] [etext] [1902]

294.08 "ever Ellis threw his cookingclass"
459.03 "nurse Madge, my linkingclass girl"
526.35 "Secilas through their laughing classes becoming poolermates in laker life"
528.17 "Alicious, twinstreams twinestraines, through alluring glass or alas in jumboland?"
628.12 "We pass through grass behush the bush"

White Knight:
277.14 "a white night high"
501.28 "Was it a high white night now?"

Tweedledum and Tweedledee:
258.24 "tweedledeedumms down to twiddledeedees"   

231.05 "tumtum"

057.26 "watching bland sol slithe dodgsomely into the nethermore"

405.16 "beamish"

502.10 "galumphantes"

113.02 "postmantuam glasseries"
240.36 "his portemanteau"

cabbages and kings:
613.06 "cabs and cobs, kings and karls"

other works [fweet-6] [etexts]

1876: The Hunting of the Snark [etext]
1889: Sylvie and Bruno [etext]
1893: Sylvie and Bruno Concluded [etext]

1898: [letters]
311.12 "the key of Efas-Taem"

Alice Jane Donkin (1851-1929)

1862: 30yo CLD photographs 11yo AJD [pic]
1866: 34yo CLD photographs 15yo AJD w/cousin Alice Emily Donkin

1871: 20yo marries CLD's 33yo brother Wilfred Longley

214.23? "Amn't I up since the damp dawn, marthared mary allacook, with Corrigan's pulse and vericoarse veins, my pramaxle smashed, Alice Jane in decline and my oneeyed mongrel twice run over, soaking and bleaching boiler rags, and sweating cold, a widow like me, for to deck my tennis champion son, the laundryman with the lavandier flannels?"

Alice Emily Donkin (?) [pic] [more?]

Alice Pleasance Liddell (1852-1934) [wiki] [fweet-10]

004.28 "He addle liddle phifie Annie ugged the little craythur."
048.03 "The Blackfriars treacle plaster outrage be liddled!"
207.26 "What had she on, the liddel oud oddity?"
226.28? "They ramp it a little, a lessle, a lissle."
270.19 "A spitter that can be depended on. Though Wonderlawn's lost us for ever. Alis, alas, she broke the glass! Liddell looker through the leafery, ours is mistery of pain."
315.03 "A butcheler artsed out of Cullege Trainity. Diddled he daddle a drop of the cradler on delight mebold laddy was stetched? Knit wear? And they addled (ere the cry of their tongues would be uptied dead), Shufflebotham asidled, plus his ducks fore his drills, an inlay of a liddle more lining maught be licensed all at ones, be these same tokens, forgiving a brass rap, sneither a whole length nor a short shift so full as all were concerned."
374.01 "All old Dadgerson's dodges one conning one's copying and that's what wanderland's wonderlad'll flaunt to the fair."
440.18 "I used to follow Mary Liddlelambe's flitsy tales, espicially with the scentaminted sauce."
448.25 "Do you know what, liddle giddles?"

Isa Bowman (1874–1958) [wiki] [fweet-12]

146.17 "isabeaubel"
226.04 "Poor Isa... Isolde? Her beauman's gone"
361.22 "his twy Isas Boldmans"
527.29 "Mon ishebeau"
556.09 "Madame Isa"

1886: 12yo meets 54yo CLD

1899: 25yo writes memoir after CLD's death [etext][fweet-17]

226.07 "Be good enough to symperise" ("Be good enough to tremble!")
234.18 "suessiest sourir ever weanling wore" ("the sweetest smile that ever a man wore")
234.34 "Happy little girlycums to have adolphted such an Adelphus!" ("Happy little girls who had such a master")

242 "That why he, persona erecta, glycorawman, arsenicful femorniser, for a trial by julias, in celestial sunhat, with two purses, agitating his theopot with wokkleabout shake, rather uncoherend, from one 18 to one 18 bis, young shy gay youngs. Sympoly for infusing up pritty lipidities to lock up their rhainodaisies and be nice and twainty in the shade. Old grand tut tut toucher up of young poetographies and he turn aroundabrupt red altfrumpishly like hear samhar tionnor falls some make one noise." ('the two purses that he carried'; 'He was very particular about his tea, which he always made himself, and in order that it should draw properly he would walk about the room swinging the tea-pot from side to side for exactly ten minutes'; 'always seemed a little unsteady in his gait'; 'he found it impossible to avoid stammering in his speech'; 'he had been himself a great amateur photographer... He always said that modern professional photographers spoilt all their pictures by touching them up absurdly to flatter the sitter'; (of Carroll seeing Isa Bowman drawing a caricature of him) 'suddenly he turned round and saw what I was doing. He got up from his seat and turned very red, frightening me very much. Then he took my poor little drawing, and tearing it into small pieces threw it into the fire without a word'; 'in the society of people of maturer age he was almost old-maidishly prim in his manner')

Dorothy Joy Poole (1882-1947)

526.35 "Secilas through their laughing classes becoming poolermates in laker life."

other children friends of Lewis Carroll: Winnie (Winfred) Stevens, Beatrice Hatch, Beatrice Earle, Nelly Bowman, Amy Hughes

227.14 "Winnie, Olive and Beatrice, Nelly and Ida, Amy and Rue"

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