Thursday, April 24, 2014

[Timeline of Finnegans Wake's composition]

[for now, this is based entirely on Hayman's FDV and Barger's Dreadful Omen]


Feb: "You are an abominable writer!"

Aug: "I think I will write a history of the world."

Oct? "Polyphemous is Ul[ysses]'s shadow"

"Isolde of Britt[any] - Pen[elope]  [Isolde of] White hands  Calypso"

1923: (II.3-4, IV, I.2-5)

"L[eopold] B[loom] meets self"

Mar: II.3 (380-382 ROC) [rw]

II.4 (384-399 T&I) [rw]
lost first draft

"2 Tristans (Doppel ganger)"
"Trist. meets self"
"Tantris is shadow of Tristan"
"T steps aside + has a look at himself"

Jul? IV (605-606 Kevin) [rw]

"unknown beggar comes to bigtimer in day of triumph to tell of
a past betise"
"what I'm afraid may be said to me I had better say first

Aug: I.2 (30-34 HCE) [rw]; IV (611-612 B&P) [rw]
Sep: II.4 (383-399 Mmlj) [rw]

Nov? I.3 (48-73) [rw]; I.4 (75-101)
Dec? IV (615-619); I.5 (104-125)

1924: (I.7-8, III.1-3)

Jan? I.7 (169-187)
Feb? I.8 (196-208)
Mar: III.1-2 (403-473)
Apr: transatlantic review (II.4)

Nov: III.3 (474-554)

1925: (III.4)

May: Criterion (I.5)
Jun: Contact Collection of Contemporary Writers (I.2 HCE)
Jul? Calender; Navire d'Argent (I.8)
Aug: This Quarter (I.7)
Sep: Transition (I.7)
Oct: III.4 (555-590)

1926: (I.6, II.2, I.1)

Mar? I.6 (126-149)

Jul? II.2 (282-304)

Oct: I.1 (3-23)

1927: (I.6)

Apr: Transition I.1; I.2

Jun: Transition I.3

Transition I.4; I.5; I.6I.8

Jul? I.6 (152-159 Mookse&Gripes)


Feb: Transition (II.2)

Transition (III.1)

Anna Livia Plurabelle (I.8)


Feb: Transition (III.3)

May? Tales Told of Shem and Shaun (I.6) (II.2)

Nov: Transition (III.4)

1930: (II.1)

Jun: Haveth Childers Everywhere (III.3)

Oct? II.1 (222-236)



Two Tales of Shem and Shaun (I.6)


Transition (II.1)


The Mime of Mick Nick and the Maggies (II.1)

1935: (II.3)

II.3 (309-331)

Jun: Transition (II.2)


early: I.1


Feb: Transition (II.3)

IV (593-598)

Oct: Storiella as She Is Syung (II.2)

1938: (II.4)

Transition (II.3)

Jul: II.4 (383-399)


04May: pub

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