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Assigned reading (2/2 pars [] plus 142 notes) [secondary]

[♬ wouldmanspare!]

He afterwards
{whaanever his blaetther began to fail off him
and his rough bark was wholly husky
and, stoop by stoop, he neared it (wouldmanspare!)}  ["it"?? death?]
carefully lined

"(insteppen, alls als hats beliefd!) additional useful councils public with hoofd offdealings which were welholden of ladykants te huur out"
Dutch: all aboard, please... [officials?] were pleased with beds for hire?

FDV: "This he blasted and then lined the result with bricks & mortar, encouraging the public bodies to present him over & above that with a stone slab."

4DV: "This grave he blasted with a landmine and carefully lined the result with bricks and mortar, encouraging the same and other public bodies to present him over and above that with a stone. Coffins, windingsheets, cinerary urns and any kind of funeral bric a brac would naturally follow in the ordinary course."

GJS has traced a baffling long insertion to a WWI memoir about jerryrigging mortar shells for use as landmines:
"he invented a means of
converting the remainder of the large 'Dumezil' torpedoes [named after a Gen. Dumezil]
into electrical contact land mines, [enemy closes circuit, triggering explosives]
by means of tins of ammonal, lashed to the sides [to amplify small electric trigger]
of the aerial torpedoes,
and trip wires to contact pieces [tripping the wire causes a contact, closing circuit]
into electric batteries...
Ordered by Brigadier down from
bombing post
in German strong point to conduct two tanks up"

Joyce's VI.B3 jottings turn the explosive 'ammonal' into ammonia:
"convert torpedos into
electrical contact land mines
by tins of ammonia, lashed to sides
of aerial torpedoes
trip wiring to contact pieces
into electric batteries...
bombing post"

During insertion this lost all mechanical logic:
"This grave he blasted with a landmine [landmines are hidden weapons]
exploded from a bombing post
of 1400 feet  [landmine converted back to mortarshell??]
in his aerial torpedo [adding fins?]
contacted with the expectant minefield [flying shell hits hidden explosives?]
by tins of ammonia lashed to her sides [in the minefield, not flying]
and fused to trip wires [flying shell trips wire?]
playing down into the ground battery fuseboxes" [confusing fuses?]

"openly damned and blasted by means of a hydromine,
system Sowan and Beltiny,  [FW2's revisions]
exploded from a reinvented T.N.T. bombingpost
up ahoy of eleven hundred and thirtytwo wingrests (circiter) to sternboord
out of his aerial thorpeto, Auton Dynamon,
contacted with the expectant minefield
by tins of improved ammonia lashed to her shieldplated gunwale
and fused into tripup cables,
slipping through tholes and
playing down from the conning tower into the ground battery fuseboxes"

mysteries: wingrests


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