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Page 87

Assigned reading (1 par [] plus 129 notes) [secondary]

[onebumper at parting from Mrs Molroe in the morning] abc/midi (was he Mr Molroe, or not?)

[anon witness re Festy King] "stated to his eliciter under his morse [walrus] mustaccents [moustaches]"
cf 031.13 [the king] smiled most heartily beneath his walrus moustaches

FW2: "that he would be {doorbringing} there {that night and how he was pleased} to remember"

[♬ and the dates of ould lanxiety]
[theirs not to reason why]

"creepfoxed andt grousuppers over a nippy in a noveletta" Shem and Shaun split by Issy

[♬ kings of mud and tory]

the goat king of Killorglin
Isod's tower [ruins]
[♬ O'Donner. Ay... Bu!]

'Norman Douglas, author of London Street Games (1931), describes the game Dead Man’s Rise, also known as Dead Man’s Dark Scenery or Coat, in which one child hides, covered with other players’ coats. When the other players call “Dead Man Rise,” the child who has been hiding starts to run after the others. The last player that he finds becomes “it” for the next round of the game' [pdf]

the word "crossexanimation" initiates a dream-replay of the Ithaca-style 'impersonal catechism' that Joyce called his favorite chapter of Ulysses

FDV: "said he saw or heard a man named Pat O'Donnell beat another of the Kings, Simon, but when the ambush was laid"

4DV: "said he remembered the fifth of November which was going to go down in the annals of history and that one thing which particularly struck him was that he saw or heard Pat O'Donnell beat and murder another of the Kings, Simon, between whom bad blood existed but it turned out in crossexamination that where the ambush was laid"

mysteries:  rowdy O; betterwomen


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