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Page 81 #trams

Assigned reading (2 pars [] plus 140 notes) [secondary]

"the viability of vicinals if invisible is invincible" = hidden paths are best?

Brahm/Bram/Brahms/Abraham [biblical] Brahma [Hindu]
Anton [brother/twin of Brahm? Europeanised from Latin 'Antonius']
Hermes [shared surname? Greek]

among the many allusions to roadbuilding-and-using there's a definite thread evoking a Gaelic-speaking Dublin tram-conductor: "(lugod! lugodoo!)... Issy-la-Chapelle! Any lucans, please? ...the tramestrack... Per omnibus... So more boher to O'Connell! ...Halte! ...traums halt (Beneathere! Beneathere!)" Wikipedia documents their routes in J's era (but would he have heard officals using Gaelic, yet?)
recall too the Dutch 'all aboard' on p77: "(insteppen, alls als hats beliefd!)"

"this disoluded and a buchan cold spot" (what's that "a" syntactically?)
[buchan cold spot]
[♬ Brennan's... pass]

"not where... but where" (unusual place-exclusion? fweet-4)

[♬ headandheelless chickenestegg]
[♬ sacré pour un sacreur]
[♬ femme à barbe]

"de Razzkias trying to reconnoistre the general Boukeleff"
026.03 journeyall Buggaloffs
040.07 the evangelical bussybozzy and the rusinurbean
042.11 how the bouckaleens shout their roscan generally
049.08 Blanco Fusilovna Bucklovitch
101.19 it was Buckleyself... who struck and the Russian generals, da! da!, instead of Buckley who was caddishly struck
105.21 How the Buckling Shut at Rush in January

FDV: "There evidently the attacker, though under medium, with truly native pluck tackled him whom he took to be catching hold of a long bar he had & with which he broke furniture. The struggle went on for a considerable time"

4DV: "It was on this resurfaced spot evidently that the attacker, though under medium, with truly native pluck tackled him whom he mistook to be somebody else, making use of sacrilegious language to the effect that he would have his life and lay him out at the same time catching hold of a long bar he had and with which he usually broke furniture. They struggled for some considerable time"

mysteries: Adgigasta [paters usually end with '-us' not '-a']; Brahm and Anton Hermes; Lautrill


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