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[II.2's "footnotes by the girl"]

[Here's all Issy's footnotes for analysis]

Rawmeash, quoshe with her girlic teangue If old Herod with the Cormwell's eczema was to go for me like he does Snuffler whatever about his blue canaries I'd do nine months for his beaver beard.
Mater Mary Mercerycordial of the Dripping Nipples, milk's a queer arrangement.
Real life behind the floodlights as shown by the best exponents of a royal divorce.
When we play dress grownup at alla ludo poker you'll be happnessised to feel how fetching I can look in clingarounds.
Kellywick, Longfellow's Lodgings, House of Comments, 111 Cake Walk, Amusing Avenue, Salt Hill, Co. Mahogany, Izalond, Terra Firma.
Groupname for grapejuice.
Bhing, said her burglar's head, soto poce.
Jussive smirte and ye mermon answerth from his bellyingplace below the tightmark, Gotahelv!
O Evol, kool in the salg and ees how Dozi pits what a drows er.
A goodrid croven in a tynwalled tub.
Apis amat aram.
Luna legit librum.
Pulla petit pascua.
And after dinn to shoot the shades.
Says blistered Mary Achinhead to beautifed Tummy Tullbutt.
To go to Begge.
To go to Begge and to be sure to reminder Begge.
Goodbeg, buggey Begge!
Huntler and Pumar's animal alphabites, the first in the world from aab to zoo.
We dont hear the booming cursowarries, we wont fear the fletches of fightning, we float beyond the meditarenias and we come bask to the isle we love in spice.
And this once golden bee a cimadoro.
And he was a gay Lutharius anyway, that Sinobiled.
You can tell by their extraordinary clothes.
Startnaked and bonedstiff.
We vivvy soddy.
All be dood.
When you dreamt that you'd wealth in marble arch do you ever think of pool beg slowe?
Porphyrious Olbion, redcoatliar, we were always wholly rose marines on our side every time.
Now a muss wash the little face.
A viking vernacular expression still used in the Summerhill district for a jerryhatted man of over forty who puts two fingers into his boiling soup-plate and licks them in turn to find out if there is enough mushroom catsup in the mutton broth.
Googlaa pluplu.
H'dk'fs h'fp'y.
The grown man.
A butcher szewched him the bloughs and braches, I'm chory to see, P. Shuter.
I believe in Dublin and the Sultan of Turkey.
I have heard this word used by Martin Halpin, an old gardener from the Glens of Antrim who used to do odd jobs for my godfather, the Rev. B.B. Brophy of Swords.
Ravens may rive so can dove deelish.
A question of pull.
For Rose Point see Inishmacsaint.
Mannequins' Pose.
Their holy presumption and hers sinfly desprit.
Anama anamaba anamabapa.
Only for he's fathering law I could skewer that old one and slosh her out many's the time but I thinks more of my pottles and ketts.
All abunk for Tarararat!
Look slippery, soppyhat, we've a doss in the manger.
One must sell it to some one, the sacred name of love.
Making it up as we goes along.
The law of the jungerl.
Let me blush to think of all those halfwayhoist pullovers.
I'd like his pink's cheek.
Frech devil in red hairing!
So that's why you ran away to sea, Mrs Lappy.
Leap me, Locklaun, for you have sensed! A washable lovable floatable doll.
If she can't follow suit Renée goes to the pack.
With her poodle feinting to be let off and feeling dead in herself.
Is love worse living?
Improper frictions is maledictions and mens uration makes me mad.
Llong and Shortts Primer of Black and White Wenchcraft.
The gaggles all out.
He's just bug nuts on white mate he hasn't the teath nor the grits to choo and that's what's wrong with Lang Wang Wurm, old worbbling goesbelly.
Dear and I trust in all frivolity I may be pardoned for trespassing but I think I may add hell.
He is my all menkind of every desception.
All his teeths back to the front, then the moon and then the moon with a hole behind it.
Skip one, flop fore, jennies in the cabbage store.
None of your cumpholstery English here!
Understudy my understandings, Sostituta, and meek thine complinement, gymnufleshed.
Tho' I have one just like that at home, deadleaf brown with quicksilver appliques, would whollymost applissiate a nice shiny sleekysilk out of that slippering snake charmeuse.
As you say yourself.
What's that, ma'am? says I.
That's the lethemuse but it washes off.
Where he fought the shesshock of his stimmstammer and we caught the pepettes of our lovelives.
Shake eternity and lick creation.
I'm blest if I can see.
Hoppity Huhnyeye, hoosh the hen.
I like cluckers, you like nuts (wink).
Sweet, medium and dry like altar wine.
Who'll buy me penny babies?
Well, Maggy, I got your castoff devils all right and fits lovely.
And am vaguely graceful.
Maggy thanks.
My sex is no secret, sir, she said.
Yes there, Tad, thanks give from Tathair, look at that now!
Go up quick, stay so long, come down slow!
If I gnows me gneesgnobs the both of him is gnatives of Genuas.
A glass of peel and pip for Mr Potter of Texas, please
All the world loves a big gleaming jelly.
A pengeneepy for your warcheekeepy.
My globe goes gaddy at geography giggle pending which time I was looking for my shoe all through Arabia.
It must be some bugbear in the gender especially when old which they all soon get to look.
After me looking up the plan in Humphrey's Justice of the Piece it said to see preseeding chaps.
O boyjones and hairyoddities!
Only noane told missus of her massas behaving she would laugh that flat that after that she had sanked down on her fat arks they would shaik all to sheeks.
Traduced into jinglish janglage for the nusances of dolphins born.
He gives me pulpititions with his Castlecowards never in these twowsers and ever in those twawsers and then babeteasing us out of our hoydenname.
My goldfashioned bother near drave me roven mad and I dyeing to keep my linefree face like readymaid maryangs for jollycomes smashing Holmes.
What I would like is a jade loinstone to go with the moon's increscent.
Parley vows the Askimwhose?
Ido, Ida.
And how to call a cattle black.
Moopetsi meepotsi.
I was so snug off in my apholster's creedle but at long leash I'll stretch more capritious in his dapplepied bed.
I can almost feed their sweetness at my lisplips.
A liss in hunterland.
I wonder if I put the old buzzerd one night to suckle in Millickmaam's honey like they use to emballem some of the special popes with a book in his hand and his mouth open.

And a ripping rude rape in his lucreasious togery.
Will ye nought would wet your weapons, warriors bard?
Roe, Williams, Bewey, Greene, Gorham, McEndicott and Vyler, the lays of ancient homes.
The stanidsglass effect. You could sugerly swear buttermilt would not melt down his dripping ducks.
Thickathigh and Thinathews with sant their dam.
Oh, could we do with this waddled of ours like that redbanked profanian with his bakset of yosters.
Gosempher, gezumpher, freeze a garry grim felon! Good bloke him!
And if they was setting on your stool as hard as my was she could beth her bothom dolours he'd have a culious impressium on the diminity that chafes our ends.
When I am Ellastella and am taken for Essastessa I'll do that droop on the pohlmann's piano.
Heavenly twinges, if it's one of his I'll fearly feint as swoon as he enterrooms.
To be slipped on, to be slept by, to be conned to, to be kept up. And when you're done push the chain.
With her modesties office.
Strutting as proud as a great turquin weggin that cuckhold on his Eddems and Clay's hat.
Come, smooth of my slate, to the beat of my blosh! With all these gelded ewes jilting about and the thrills and ills of laylock blossoms there's so much more plants than chants for cecilies that I was thinking fairly killing times of putting an end to myself and my malody when I remembered all your pupilteacher's erringnesses in perfection class. You sh'u'dn't write you ca'n't if you w'u'dn't pass for underdevelopmented. This is the propper way to say that, Sr. If it's me chews to swallow all you saidn't you can eat my words for it as sure as there's a key in my kiss. Quick erit faciofacey. When we will conjugate together toloseher tomaster tomiss while morrow fans amare hour, verbe de vie and verve to vie, with love ay loved have I on my back spine and does for ever. You are me severe? Then rue. My intended, Jr, who I'm throne away on (here he inst, my lifstack, a newfolly likon), when I slip through my pettigo I'll get my decree and take seidens when I'm not ploughed first by some Rolando the Lasso, and flaunt on the flimsyfilmsies for to grig my collage juniorees who, though they flush fuchsia, are they octette and viginity in my shade but always my figurants. They may be yea of my year but they're nay of my day. Wait till spring has sprung in spickness and prigs beg in to pry they'll be plentyprime of housepets to pimp and pamper my. Impending marriage Nature tells everybody about but I learned all the runes of the gamest game ever from my old nourse Asa. A most adventuresting trot is her and she vicking well knowed them all heartswise and fourwords. How Olive d'Oyly and Winnie Carr, bejupers, they reized the dressing of a Salanadmon and how a peeper coster and a salt sailor med a mustied poet atwainem. It most have bean Mad Mullans planted him. Bina de Bisse and Trestrine von Terrefin. Sago sound, rite go round, kill kackle, kook kettle and (remember all should I forget to) bolt the thor. Auden. Wasn't it just divining that dog of a dag in Skokholme as I sat astrid uppum their Drewitt's altar, as cooled as a culcumber, slapping my straights till the sloping ruins, postillion, postallion, a swinge a swank, with you offering me clouts of illscents and them horners stagstruck on the leasward! Don't be of red, you blanching mench! This isabella I'm on knows the ruelles of the rut and she don't fear andy mandy. So sing loud, sweet cheeriot, like anegreon in heaven! The good father with the twingling in his eye will always have cakes in his pocket to bethroat us with for our allmichael good. Amum. And Amum. And Amum again. For tough troth is stronger than fortuitous friction and it's the surplice money, oh my young friend and ah me sweet creature, what buys the bed while wits borrows the clothes.
The nasal foss of our natal folkfarthers so so much now for Valsinggiddyrex and his grand arks day triump.
Translout that gaswind into turfish, Teague, that's a good bog, and you, Thady, poliss it off, there's a nateswipe, on to your blottom pulper.
You daredevil donnelly, I love your piercing lots of lies and your fiashy foreign mail so here's my cowrie card, Idalgo, with all my exes, wise and sad.
All this Mitchells is a niggar for spending and I will go to the length of seeing that one day Big Mig will be nickleless himself.
While I'll wind the wildwoods' bluckbells among my window's weeds.
Lawdy Dawdy Simpers.
But where, O where, is me lickle dig done?
That's his whisper waltz I like from Pigott's with that Lancydancy step. Stop.
Twelve battles man, twentyeight bows of curls, forty bonnets woman and ever youthfully yours makes alleven add the hundred.
Gamester Damester in the road to Rouen he grows more like his deed every die.
Slash-the-Pill lifts the pellet. Run, Phoenix, run!
Dideney, Dadeney, Dudeney, O, I'd know that patch on your poll.
That is tottinghim in his boots.
Come all ye hapney coachers and support the richview press.
Braham Baruch he married his cook to Massach McKraw her uncle-in-law who wedded his widow to Hjalmar Kjaer who adapted his daughter to Braham the Bear. V for wadlock, P for shift, H for Lona the konkubine.
A gee is just a jay on the jaunts cowsway.
Talking about trilbits.
Barneycorrall, a precedent for the prodection of curiosity from childern.
A pfurty pscore of ruderic rossies haremhorde for his divelsion.
Look at your mad father on his boneshaker fraywhaling round Myriom square.
Try Asia for the assphallt body with the concreke soul and the forequarters of the moon behinding out of his phase.
Tomatoes malmalaid with De Quinceys salade can be tastily served with Indiana Blues on the violens.
As Rhombulus and Rhebus went building rhomes one day.
The trouveller.
Of the disorded visage.
Singlebarrelled names for doubleparalleled twixtytwins.
Like pudging a spoonfist of sugans into a sotspot of choucolout.
Will you walk into my wavetrap? said the spiter to the shy.
If we each could always do all we ever did.
Dope in Canorian words we've made. Spish from the Doc.
Basqueesh, Finnican, Hungulash and Old Teangtaggle, the only pure way to work a curse.
An ounceworth of onions for a pennyawealth of sobs.
Who brought us into the yellow world?
Because it's run on the mountain and river system.
When all them allied sloopers was ventitillated in their poppos and, sliding down by creek and veek, stole snaking out to sea.
They were plumped and plumed and jerried and citzens and racers, and cinnamondhued.
Creeping Crawley, petery parley, banished to his native Ireland from erring under Ryan.
Had our retrospectable fearfurther gotch mutchtatches?
That is to sight, when cleared of factions, vulgure and decimating.
They just spirits a body away.
Dump her (the missuse).
Fox him! The leggy colt!
Do he not know that walleds had wars? Harring man is neow king. This is modeln times.
Muckross Abbey with the creepers taken o?.
Joke and Jilt will have their tilt.
Old Mamalujorum and rawrogerum.
Why have these puerile blonds those large flexible ears?
Pomeroy Roche of Portobello, or the Wreck of the Ragamuffin.
No wonder Miss Dotsh took to veils and she descended from that obloquohy.
The bookley with the rushin's hat is Patomkin but I'm blowed if I knowed who the slave is doing behind the curtain.
O hce! O hce!
Six and seven the League.
It's all round me hat I'll wear a drooping dido.
Have you ever thought of hitching your stern and being ourdeaned, Mesther Booterfly, here's me and Myrtle is twinkling to know.
To show they caught preferment.
See the freeman's cuticatura by Fennella.
Just one big booty's pot.
Charles de Simples had an infirmierity complexe before he died a natural death.
Where Buickly of the Glass and Bellows pumped the Rudge engineral.
Matter of Brettaine and brut fierce.
Bussmullah, cried Lord Wolsley, how me Aunty Mag'll row!
Draumcondra's Dreamcountry where the betterlies blow.
O, Laughing Sally, are we going to be toadhauntered by that old Pantifox Sir Somebody Something, Burtt, for the rest of our secret stripture?
Ex jup pep off Carpenger Strate. The kids' and dolls' home. Makeacakeache.
A vagrant need is a flagrant weed.
Grand for blowing off steam when you walk up in the morning.
At the foot of Bagnabun Banbasday was lost on one.
Sewing up the beillybursts in their buckskin shiorts for big Kapitayn Killykook and the Jukes of Kelleiney.
We're all found of our anmal matter.
Say where! A timbrelfill of twinkletinkle.
Parsee ffrench for the upholdsterer would be delightered.
I'll pass out if the screw spliss his street.
Thargam then goeligum? If you sink I can, swimford. Suksumkale!
The impudence of that in girl's things!
The chape of Doña Speranza of the Nacion.
Ugol egal ogle. Mi vidim Mi.
It is, it is Sangannon's dream.
And all meinkind.
Whangpoos the paddle and whirr whee whoo.
I enjoy as good as anyone.
Neither a soul to be saved nor a body to be kicked.
The boast of the town.
Hen's bens, are we soddy we missiled her?
I call that a scumhead.
Pure chingchong idiotism with any way words all in one soluble: Gee each owe tea eye smells fish. That's U.
The Doodles family, , ?, , X, , , . Hoodle doodle, fam?
Pickingon Nickagain, Pikey Mikey?
Early morning, Sir Dav Stephens, said the First Gentleman in youreups.
Bag bag blockcheap, have you any will?
What a lubberly whide elephant for the men-in-the-straits!
And she had to seek a pond's apeace to salve her suitorkins. Sued!
Excuse theyre christianbrothers irish!
When she tripped against the briery bush he profused her allover with curtsey flowers.
A nastilow disigraible game.
Dear old Erosmas. Very glad you are going to Penmark. Write to the corner. Grunny Grant.
I loved to see the Macbeths Jerseys knocking spots off the Plumpduffs Pants.
Lifp year fends you all and moe, fouvenirs foft as fummer fnow, fweet willings and forget-uf-knots.
Gag his tubes yourself.
He, angel that I thought him, and he not eebel to speel eelyotripes, Mr Hellibly Divilcult!
When the dander rattles how the peacocks prance!
The Brownes de Browne-Browne of Castlehacknolan.
A byebye bingbang boys! See you Nutcracker Sunday!
Chinchin Childaman! Chapchopchap!
Wipe your glosses with what you know.
If I'd more in the cups that peeves thee you could cracksmith your rows tureens.
Alls Sings and Alls Howls.
Shake hams, as people sing.
From three shellings. A bluedye sacrifice.
Not kilty. But the manajar was. He! He! Ho! Ho! Ho!
Giglamps, Soapy Geyser, The Smell and Gory MacGusty.
The divvy wants that babbling brook. Dear Auntie Emma Emma Eates.
Strike the day off, the nightcap's on nigh. Goney, goney gone!
R.C., disengaged, good character, would help, no salary.
Where Lily is a Lady found the nettle rash.
Bupabipibambuli, I can do what I like with what's me own. Nyamnyam.
Able seaman's caution.
Rarely equal and distinct in all things.
Jests and the Beastalk with a little rude hiding rod.
Wherry like the whaled prophet in a spookeerie.
What sins is pim money sans Paris?
I've lost the place, where was I?
Something happened that time I was asleep, torn letters or was there snow?
Mich for his pain, Nick in his past.
He has toglieresti in brodo all over his agrammatical parts of face and as for that hippofoxphiz, unlucky number, late for the christening!
Eh, Monsieur? Où, Monsieur? Eu, Monsieur? Nenni non, Monsieur!
Ere we hit the hay, brothers, let's have that response to prayer!
Kish is for anticheirst, and the free of my hand to him!
And gags for skool and crossbuns and whopes he'll enjoyimsolff over our drawings on the line!

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