Saturday, June 7, 2014

Page 278

Assigned reading (16 pars [] plus 103 notes) [secondary] [McH] [*]

synopsis: 'rural nightfall — an upcoming funeral and wake, Fanciulla — of letters, memorising liquid music — Issy's letter'

"♬ you have to pay the piper When he tootles on the flute "

"Ten men, ton men, pen men, pun men, wont to rise a ladder. And den men, dun men, fen men, fun men, hen men, hun men wend to raze a leader."

"How They Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix"

6DV: "Beware of Fanciulla's heart, the heart of Fanciulla. And her hand that's as gloveless as a peer's in the presence and how both will be ready maid marrying when Jollicomes matching home. She may swoon over Shelly to get a crush on the coalman or learn from Dalcroze how to drop her umbrella, but her true line is to beg 2 makes for a wing but when there's no more tay for sugar the cosy."

7DV: "...cheat your choker and chew the cud... sense in proper words from any posycard that shred scenting as how every annual has its actual aroma. Quid vobis videtur? Even recollecting of a tree is far too lovely a spellbinder for her to listen.... Bewise of Fanciulla's heart, the heart of Fanciulla, fluff, and her hand that's as gloveless as a peer's in the presence, la pura e pia bella of those hazelblue eyes of woodside beauty and that linefree face. What painter would do them justice? Yet. Add to these that musicalsneeze of hers and and those little pagars. All four will be readymaid marrying and disengaged for real palship with all or any hellsent lovethieves or beauty burglars who have scraped her acquaintance when Jollycomes out for it mashing home. And if one has no abjection one may go to the length of saying: a very good thing too. Groomsman, bridegame, spouseman, prey. Though her loinstones be of jade and her moon increscent... she will swoon over Percy Busshe so as, in the Askimwhose, to get a crush on the coalman cornerman and only learn from Dalcroze teachment the how to drop her gift umbrella. See! See! But her truest foible, as the little grey nuns with feline ingenuity will school her without fuss or muss either, with Brother Agnus in their background, since today is well thine but whose will tomorrow's be, is to beg two makes in change for one wing. But when there's no more tay for sugar the cosey and she's looked her last on lonesomeness for arrives that divinity showshapes their ends backview them how we will... so as to befit him for the massacre, by pitchcap prob and triangle tripos... if a Flabby with Flappers ever so unclyunctous must she to send him a chain letter on her modesty' service, to be slipped on, to be slept on, to be conned, to be kept a dayclear azure... Your other one may have her picture photo leaning against her Piggott's piano"



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