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Page 275

Assigned reading (12 pars [] plus 110 notes) [secondary] [McH] [*]

synopsis: 'addressing the boys — lessons learned from history, a side-story — the family story'

cenogenetic dichotomy [cd; splitting]
diagonistic conciliance [dc; merging]
dynastic continuity." [dc; succeeding]
(this sounds a bit like how sex evolved)

Pacata Hibernia

why he (HCE) lied to her and she (ALP) tried to kill him [where else is this mentioned???]

[♬ where's may tomorrow be]

FDV: "from Brian Aulin, the chief culoteer. Scribbledehobbles are at their pensums. Trifid tongue"

VI.A "Brian $E"
VI.A "Brian O'Linn"
VI.A "Scribbledehobble"
VI.A "trut trifid tongue"

2DV: "from Brian Aulin, the chief culoteer. Scribbledehobbles are bent on their pensums reading nails & biting lips. Trifid tongue others woo & work"

VI.A "T reads his nails"
VI.A "others work or woo for T"
VI.A ""

3DV: "from Bryan Aulining, Erin's hircohaired culoteer. While standfast and flower {face full of flesh and fat as hen's in forehead} discusst the past {the angerache of their love & the hungerbrewd} and walking progress hinks linkafuss foremost, scribbledehoys  are bent on their pensums."

4DV: "While one word burrows another, standfest towelturbaned and flower in her wrap around, face full of flesh and fat as hen's in forehead Airy Anna & Blue Bart {royal pair in the house of the 100 bottles} discusst the past the angerache of their love & the hungerbrewd it bore them {the fairs at home & expurge trade} and walking progress hinks linkafuss foremost the shellroad path from dayfal to the shrilling of the crowcrested, scribbledehobbles are bent on their pensums."

VI.A "one word borrows another"
VI.A "towel on his head"
VI.A "wraparound skirt"
VI.A "face full of flesh"
VI.A "was she thin or was she fat as a hen in the forehead"
VI.A "Airyanna & Bluebart"
VI.A "royal pair"
VI.A "house of the hundred bottles"
VI.A "E & △ discuss the past"
VI.A "hungerbrood"
VI.A "expurge trade"
VI.A "put his left foot foremost"
VI.A "shellroad"
VI.A "dayfall"VI.A "the cock shrilled"
VI.A ""
VI.A ""

6DV: "While way back home in Pacata Hibernia, little land untilled, Holy greeny iland, gammel Eire, one word burrowing on another, Standfest, our topical hero, signs is on his big bastille back and his white patch, the towelturbaned, and Flower, a silvering for her jubilee with eve's birch leaves for her jointure, our lady in waving, girt with a wraparound, visage full of flesh and fat as a hen's in forehead, Airyanna and Blowybart, topsir and turvy, that royal pair, in their ofttimes slated house of the hundred bottles, a palace of quicken boughs hight The Goat and Compasses ('phone number 17:69, if you want to know) discusst their things of the past, his sea armstrongs round her, her eyne ashipwracked, (though of course he's too big for her with such a lot of fulness bunched up behind him) the angerache of their love and the hungerbrood it bore 'em, crime and fable with shame, home and profit, but simpler vintner of vendibles why lui lied to lei and hun tried to kill ham, scribbledehobbles, in whose veins runs a mixture while pas pas on the ark of 3 or 6,000 tossings, are head bent hard upon their theorems. It is turned of seven with eight chimes all tolled... Why the devilkins ask any Tossy Madden in Yesland or Nervous Nelly of Holy God, whatever be her hoydenname, sense in proper words from any posycard that shred scenting as how every annual has its actual aroma. Quid vobis videtur? Even recollecting of a tree is far too lovely a spellbinder for her to listen. Small blame be hers therefore that she shook her simply shoe off at geography giggle, doing provinces of Persia, and Alpennines and all that stuff, when Pa let me go too's tonic sulphur was outsung with a whispered wilfulness heard fore you could whistle an Ave from Hazelizod round this giddying globe! Remember she speaks Cashmir and you, allbeyon her intended, cannot her industand... since today is well thine but whose will tomorrow's be, is to beg two makes in change for one wing. But when there's no more tay for sugar the cosey and she's looked her last on lonesomeness for arrives that divinity showshapes their ends backview them how we will. For singleness on purpose is all their gender's bugbear especially when old which they all soon get to look. Pendent this time there he who for his priority will be either crowned as hanged scans the errors of history from a parrotbook of Datas traduced into jinglish janglage and ligatured in halfcalf for the usages of dolphons born. If the santimeter of Hairyoddities, that dull emitter, or Noah's misbelieving Annalfabetter, missus was to velivole back all the ways by long acres of sea from Wallhollow and through their macroscope telluspeep of whatswhatness, thick about read just boyjones upon these obscolene pages, about the things that did having place at all for pretty safe menly, she would laugh that flat that after that she had sanked down on her fat arks they would shake all to sheeks... (bless his cowly head!)"

VI.A "1769 Teleph"
VI.A "in her veins, ran a mixture"
VI.A "she tossed on the couch of separation and her eyes were blackened by the punch of sleeplessness"
VI.A "Tossy Madden"
VI.A "annuals (flowers)"
VI.A "quid vobis videtur extra omnes"
VI.A "$I trees too beautiful for her to listen"
VI.A "spellbound"
VI.A "$I takes off shoes at the dinner"
VI.A "giggly chair"
VI.A "all that sort of thing"
VI.A "T's whisper heard in Pekin"
VI.A "today is thine whose tomorrow"
VI.A "I begs 2 makes for a wing"
VI.A "no more tay for sugar the cosey"
VI.A "looked his last upon her"
VI.A "divinity that shapes their ends backview them how we will"
VI.A "either be crowned or hanged"
VI.A "history told by parrot"
VI.A "foul traducers"
VI.A "analfabeta"
VI.A "$[ sees jinnies through telescope"
VI.A "the boy Jones"
VI.A "once laughed that fat that after that when she sat flat on her fat arks they was all sheeks"
VI.A "bededeto de Dio (G. bless yr head)"
VI.A ""

deleted!?? "the angerache of their love and the hungerbrood it bore 'em"

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