Friday, June 6, 2014

Page 277

Assigned reading (14 pars [] plus 136 notes) [secondary] [McH] [*]

synopsis: 'rural nightfall — an upcoming funeral and wake'

6DV: "Dogs' vespers (dodge the gobbet from cor to occur, cheat your choker and chew the cud) are at end... What a terrible piece of business surely for such as keep his peace and follow his war, that old king of the chiefline in his sevencoloured sundaysuit sundaykilts of fall wear, must be killed off bumped off most basely as the chaldee rite has it and sent the way of his fathers as were he not their monarch at all but simpler vintner of vendibles, food gatherer but no more, for all his four gorges, withsamt his slapmother banshee dam a woman of show if even a lady and obviously a respectable one and a horrible hen, Annmette of her little name, and embalmed in honey for dynastic continuity, rivers breaking forth for joy at his funeral! ...For how many duitsch guilders would one post now, the Fuminian road or Shanks' mare, to the pillar? ...For one hundred? For one hundred's thousand? Why for? And for what will all such a taradiddle serve them in an after reeraw life with oils and tins cheerful but guildeds glum? If a gas consumer, habituated to marble mantels, buys any number of scrupules of apples every other frosty Friday during a whole lean year at the weight of too many sesterces a pound overthepoise, ...taking abbaco as seven point seven and letting foundling of bulrushes stand for any woman, what a grand total of sentinels in reindeer pelts and aided by a spick span of homeless cattle, fed upon Trinidad's shell cocoa and miring in sheets and sheets of showers will it take to paper a trench even so mucky longer than a cobbler's bulk is broad? a bummeltrain with a lot of uninteresting duck trousers hanging around... Hot work does us no harm and pending this time he who (bless his cowly head!) is going to be a pope but first an acolyte, suckled at the breast of a peasant fosteress, who having aten knots of knowledge because he nought would wet his weapon... while still preserving that stained glass face effect (you would surely swear butter would not melt in his breeches) and piling up sapience, an omnitude of jadg and daktar as sagely as Anisocrates."



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