Thursday, June 5, 2014

Page 276

Assigned reading (15 pars [] plus 131 notes) [secondary] [McH] [*]

synopsis: 'a side-story — the family story, rural nightfall — an upcoming funeral and wake'

evening means barking dogs, and bats?

6DV: "Dogs' vespers... are at end. Yet wind will be ere fruminy time and the saying of fadervor be come and asterisks congealed behind the curtain during office hours answer the most devouted of us until it gets bright and all cocks waken. Flying too are the evenbirds. And, for one superstationer at least, the hearse of the kine shall pass at last before the two birds, titlark morningales, outbreak in dawn song. What a terrible piece of business surely for such as keep his peace and follow his war, that old king of the chiefline in his sevencoloured sundaysuit sundaykilts of fall wear... and, dove without gall, that backslapping gladhander and his singing likeness who lives more in florid future than in the past of bloody altars Sulks and [...] le petit qui ne veut pas manger sa soupe et at and Smiles and Smidges le petit qui trie sa langue quand on lui dit de le faire with her, the twillick of a brace of boylets, whose mind's a jilldaw's nest (seeks sit as nurse or widow firm dress improvers, armslength waistband, good milker, would take the pledge, write P. 10 to lorette commercials ) since she tears up bethrottle letters she ne'er posed a pen upon when bother her goldfashioned's in such a queer of a mood that she simply can't stand it, a couple and an odd one they strive and in earnest of kidlambs. As if that three could solve, singly or together, the twohornheaded dulcarnon, handed round aurally since Euclid's patent, that stumped Alex among anders and drove him to pilfer turnips. But, my hat, and beadroll of saints thereonto, what a worldall's woe of weariness is theirs, waiting to hear their own proper mistakes... Will it make of one a good milker this having been bread and buttered up in Porterstown on superlatives and under duress of sternanders? For so long as shes in dimity underalls even if one piece ensembled with her lapbitch companion read Storycarrier's holy marrimony series of love thanks to upholstery and in applepie bed, such as Irish Destiny in four reels, in a bummeltrain with a lot of uninteresting duck trousers hanging around, as it is wholly probable as a holy parable that the worst at long leash may hope to happen, such as go to meet Mary, miss Mamie and marry Meg. Were she the lamp of the lighthouse herself simpletenuously of her natural, she's a merbaby so [...] Why the devilkins ask any Tossy Madden in Yesland or Nervous Nelly of Holy God, whatever be her hoydenname, sense in proper words from any posycard that shred scenting as how every annual has its actual aroma...  la pura e pia bella of those hazelblue eyes of woodside beauty and that linefree face. What painter would do them justice? Yet. Add to these that musicalsneeze of hers and and those little pagars. All four will be readymaid marrying and disengaged for real palship with all or any hellsent lovethieves or beauty burglars who have scraped her acquaintance when Jollycomes out for it mashing home. And if one has no abjection one may go to the length of saying: a very good thing too. Groomsman, bridegame, spouseman, prey. Though her loinstones be of jade and her moon increscent,.. as, in the Askimwhose... will be a coward's castle pulpiticianer... but is ating, as he thinks at present, for his private salivation of the petrified knuts of knowledge and reckoning runes off a blackthorn messagestick, so as to befit him for the massacre... an omnitude"



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